Monday 30 October 2023



Well, I haven't done anything crafty since my last post. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of some yummy cotton yarn from the UK to start another crochet project but I have not felt enthusiastic about starting any stitching project until I finish some UFOs. However, I do have a pic to show you. My youngest daughter, ( now 35), carves a pumpkin every year for Halloween. I am not into Halloween , infact the true meaning eludes most people and it is the wrong time of year here in the Southern Hemisphere. My daughter is very creative and each year she seems to outdo herself. This year she has done the Cheshire Cat from a darker game version. As usual, it is a Disney character.

The one thing I have done is read another book. I have read a few of this author but felt this one was not as good as the others. Maybe it is just me.

Hopefully I will have another project on the go next time.

Saturday 21 October 2023


Not much crafty stuff has been happening here since my last post but I did crochet 2 more squares before stuffing them all into a prepaid post bag I bought and mailing them to ' Squares For Comfort' in NSW.

I posted them on the Friday and they had them on Monday!

I finished the 2nd book in the series I am loving. Book 3 is on my bookshelf ready to read after a couple of other books.

When things settled down a bit here I took my crosstitch owls to a framer but decided not to get it done there. So, I have located another local framer and hope to get there soon. Or , it will become a cushion, lol.


Sunday 8 October 2023



Crocheting more squares has kept me sane this past week with life's ups and downs. I made 2 more closed grannies and a few open ones.

             24 are now completed when added to this pile. 

  TA DA!  Here are my finished owls as of a few minutes ago.

 I finished reading this book. It is fiction but based on books given to soldiers to read during WW11. I never knew about this initiative. 

                May your days be filled with crafty fun.

Sunday 1 October 2023


My owls are almost ready! Yey! Only a few more stitches to do on the last owl and a couple of snowflakes. 

I have been happily crocheting more squares and have done 2 open grannies, one with a different colour for the last row because I ran out of the colour I was using. Maybe I need to weigh the yarn to work out how much it uses. Unfortunately, some squares are a bit bigger because despite being the same ply some balls are different and even feel thicker and coarser. Same brand, same yarn, same ply. Go figure! 

                                        Happy crafting. 


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