Sunday 30 July 2023



Oh dear! I found the other half of the basket I was looking for, except it was the bottom, not the top and it had another unfinished crosstitch in it. I love this crosstitch but, sadly, I don't think it shall ever be finished because I cannot find the pattern anywhere.  If anyone knows an avid crosstitcher that could possibly identify the designer I might be able to search the internet for the original pattern. They say there is always hope. I really love the colours.

Meanwhile I have tried to get back to this crosstitch and I am struggling to see properly stitching the little dress hanging up next to the cotton reels. There are 3 shades...white, an ecru, and a cream colour....soooooo hard to see on the background. I have completed the basket handle on the shelf, hanging cotton reels and the pink bow on the wreath. Oh, the apple too.I had forgotton how slow progress is when doing crosstitch. 

On Monday I finally got out and about to buy a new tallboy for a bedroom and a floor rug. Both are years overdue and the current tallboy was my daughter's from age 2 and has handles missing and very stiff drawers. I spotted JB Hi Fi and decided to replace my Pink Floyd ' Dark Side of the Moon' album that I gave to my daughter when she bought a turntable. I threw my turntable out when I could no longer find new needles to buy anywhere! Now the shop has turntables and records on sale again! Anyhoo, it is the album's 50th Anniversary this year but when I listen to it I am a teenager again.  Anyone remember it? The CD cover is just the same.

Sunday 23 July 2023



Well, this week I travelled back in time down memory lane. While searching for another particular crosstitch UFO I found my petite point I did when I was 19 years old. I distinctly remember stitching it when I first moved out of home in my shared flat ( never again...I lived on my own after that experience) . I still remember sitting on my bean bag in the lounge room quietly stitching. Could it be Marie Antoinette? Looking at it now I think it may be. It was stashed away for close to 50 years and travelled to many homes over the years. 

Then I found this! I was stitching it when my children were very young in our 2nd home. So it must have been started over 30 years ago! I found the pattern stored nicely but couldn't find the actual crosstitch until I rummaged around and found it in a plastic bag stored in my grandmother's old trunk. Whew! No idea why the pattern and project were separated during many moves. 

I located the crosstitch I was originally searching for in half a basket, ( it has a lid that I am yet to find), with all the threads and even the cards with the thread attached noting each symbol. But where was the pattern and magnetic board I used to keep note of where I was up to? 

Still no lid to be found but I did find the crosstitch book with the magnetic board still under the page lol. So I photocopied the pattern bits I need to complete and put the book away again. I remember buying this basket specifically for my crosstitch projects and first used it for my petit point. It is quite solid, has not deteriorated and I am still scratching my head as to where I put the lid.  The crosstitch was started around 20 years ago. 

Now to finish it! 

Sunday 16 July 2023



After years of doing this EPP project only when travelling  on domestic flights for something to do , ready to pack and go, I think it is finally ready to add borders. It must be about 15 years old lol. However, I find myself pondering where to end edges. In my last post I was ready to stitch more rosettes on and proceeded to do so only to find I had not added the pairs of blue hexies so I had to unpull them. My stitches are very fine and it was quite a difficult thing to do without the fabric edges freying. So, here I finally am. Should I finish here?

Or should I add one white hexie in the middle of each dip on the top and bottom rows? I have placed a hexie on the 3 right hand rows on the top to compare. 

This is the only suitable piece of fabric I have in my stash to possibly use as the border. However, I am not sure if it is the right shade of blue. I am thinking of needle turning the edge to the whole fabric instead of trying to fiddle with 4 separate border pieces like I am still trying to finish on my Little Lucy. 

Backing and quilting will be my next decision. Unfortunately, I am having lots of trouble with my right hand and need to pace my stitching so now I am frustrated not being able to do as much hand crafting. Maybe it is time for those machine finishes. 

It is perfect sit and sew weather here , rather gloomy outside. Hope you are enjoying some stitching time wherever you are. 

Sunday 2 July 2023



After completing my last crocheted blanket I found myself twiddling my fingers while watching my shows each evening. I just can't sit and be glued to the TV without doing something constructive unless I am unwell. I have plenty of UFOs to complete on the sewing machine but needed to find some hand stitching to do. I have a yearning to revisit crosstitching and finally found one of my unfinished crosstitches that must be at least 20 years old, maybe more. I need to remember how to do it again lol. I have the pattern sheet and the original threads still in a cigar box ready to go. The threads should still be okay as DMC were much better quality , in my opinion, back then.  I am currently searching for another unfinished crosstitch I have stashed somewhere.

I started doing tapestry 50 years ago then did a petite point which I still have somewhere. I progressed to counted crosstitch after that and did it for decades until I found other crafty things to do with needle, threads, knitting needles, photos ( scrapbooking) and hooks.

I decided to get back to my blue and white little hexie table topper which is nearly ready for finishing off and quilting.


I seem to be having problems with this post so I hope it turns out ok.  The above pic does not want to enlarge. 

Keep warm and well.


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