Sunday 28 March 2021



Preparation for block 3 of  Jenny's B.O.M has begun. One to stitch and the others to applique...

I have started appliquing but have substituted some applique for stitching as I find it easier to choose threads than fabrics. Lazy, I know! 

Block 2 is almost finished with just another 3 border strips to add.

On Friday I ventured out to a shopping centre while my car was being serviced and it was so lovely to browse in my favourite book shop. I found this crochet book that I was looking for. 

Thankyou to those who helped solve my photo issue. I am still navigating this new blogger.  To those living in Qld, please take care and keep safe. Even here, in Vic, we still need to remain vigilant. I am still wearing a mask in large settings like supermarkets and shopping centres despite it not being mandatory since Friday night. Social distancing is still required but many people are ignoring it. To those overseas, I hope things improve for you and that you can reach a new normal soon.


Sunday 21 March 2021



Now that block 1 of the B.O.M is complete..

and the last stitchery of block 2 is finished..

the fun begins auditioning fabrics for piecing block 2. Oh, the angst! 

Block 3 is due this coming week so I need to make my decisions quickly. Ha ha! 

Question....How do I make the photos larger on my posts? 

Happy stitching.

Sunday 14 March 2021


 During the past week I have only achieved a little but of stitching. Problems leading up to a tooth extraction saw me unenthused but I am back on track now. The last stitchery for block 2 of the B.O.M has been started.

I rather enjoyed shopping for more fabrics to add to the blocks. I detest shopping but fabric shopping is much more pleasurable.


I am much more inspired to piece the blocks now and have already unpicked something. I am hoping to have much more to show you on my next post.

Happy stitching.

Sunday 7 March 2021

2 OUT OF 3


I thought I wouldn't have any stitching to post today but I just finished this one 5 minutes ago.

It is the 2nd one of Jenny's B.O.M. The last stitchery shall be started tonight.

My verandah plants have given me weeks of colour but my tub petunias needed to be removed as they were overgrown and straggly. After a trip to Bunnings yesterday I replanted the tub this afternoon with some sweet violas. Two more plants are awaiting potting tomorrow. I have used this tub for my plants over many years. It is the tub my father was bathed in as a baby 89 years ago. 

 We had a beautiful summer day today in Autumn which was most welcome. I reckon we have only had a handful of summer days this year with the heating being used quite often and the air con on only about 3 times. Weird! 

I hope you have had a nice weekend and enjoyed some sunshine and stitching.


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