Sunday 26 September 2021



Yesterday was a lovely social day for me even though I never left the house. I joined in Chooky's Zoom sewing day and "met" a lot of you lovely ladies from blogland. I felt like I'd had a lovely day out with friends. Thank you all for such an enjoyable time and a huge thankyou to Chooky for arranging it all.

Well, after completing all the household chores today that I had neglected yesterday, I have finally sat down to blog. I want to add you all to my blog list on the right side of this page but I cannot work out how to do it now. I think things changed when blogger updated. Anyhoo, I digress.

While on Zoom I only did 2 rows of crochet.

4 of 6 stitcheries are now done ready to cut into hexie shapes for the table topper.

I washed the 2 fabrics for this project today. 

A parcel arrived about an hour ago with these fabrics I ordered to make more pillowcases for my grandsons. They both love Bluey and the youngest is besotted with Paw Patrol. Such consumers!! 

I just need to find the You Tube tutorial that I watched to make the Thomas the Tank engine ones I made a couple of years ago.

For some reason a pic ended up at the top of this post and I can't get rid of it . Sorry. 

Thanks for visiting.


Sunday 19 September 2021



I finally did it! On my 4th attempt to start the blanket I succeeded. I have no idea why I kept mucking it up as my final attempt was easy. I guess sleep deprivation had something to do with it. It is amazing how much more clear headed I am after 5 hours sleep. I am not as edgy either. So here is what I have done so far. Alas, I now have to wait for my yarn to arrive from the UK before I can continue. It usually takes 7 to 10 days but, I suspect it will be more like 7 to 10 weeks! I have no expectations and it will be a nice surprise when it comes.

I decided to start making a Christmas gift for my friend in the UK hoping it will get to her in time if I start it now. I am using 6 of Michelle's beautiful Australiana stitcheries to make into a table mat. As I rummaged through my left over Christmas fabrics I realised the scraps were not big enough and th en I discovered I had run out of the CG thread I use for Christmas projects. So, I ordered some lovely William Morris fabric and 3 CG threads from Patchworks Plus in Tassie. I have ordered from there several times over the years and my yummy parcel arrived within a week.

Preparation has begun. Three stitcheries are traced and  the pellon hexies are cut ready to go. 

The background fabric does not look as dominant in reality. The pattern on it is a lot paler so the tracing stands out much more than seen here.

Nothing much has changed here re Covid restrictions apart from being able to travel within a 10km radius instead of 5 kms. This means I can go to my usual supermarket instead of the closest one which I don't really like. Unfortunately, my last 2 vidoe chats with my daughter and grandsons were pixelated and freezing which was disappointing. I really miss them. Knowing they are only 20 minutes down the road is frustrating but a lot of people are in the same boat. It still angers me that my holiday neighbours keep coming and going weekly and chatting without masks to walkers passing by who are unaware they are from Melbourne. I really need to get over it! Ommmmm. Ommmmm.

Keep safe and keep well.

Sunday 12 September 2021


While waiting for my yarn delivery from the UK I was eager to start my crocheted blanket with the yarns I already have. However, despite counting and recounting the foundation chain,  I always ended up with too many chain left in the second foundation row. This is my 4th attempt to reach row 1 and I think I have mucked it up again.

My reading rhythm has returned and I have finished another book. I heard the author's interview on the radio and ordered the book the next day. Unfortunately, although the theme drew me to the book I found it difficult to read. The chapters are devoted to individual characters written in past and present times which I found very confusing. I think I am a bit muddle headed .

I reluctantly had my first dose of AZ on Friday afternoon and I ended up with a humongous migraine from early yesterday morning until 2am this morning.  2 Panadeine Forte took over an hour to ease the headache but made it manageable for a couple of hours. Another 2 tablets were required around midnight and I just listened to a podcast sitting upright until the meds kicked in. Most of yesterday was spent laying on the couch listening to my binge TV shows trying to distract myself from the pain . Anyhoo, I have now joined the world wide vaccine trial. I am just annoyed that being over 60 I was not given a choice of vaccine unlike the younger people. I believe it is agesim, discrimination. 

I must get off this device now as I have a mild headache today and don't want it to get worse with screen time.

Keep safe and well.

Sunday 5 September 2021



Last post I had started reading another book and I finished it last night. I am amazed how many Australian authors I seem to gravitate to even when I don't know who they are until I read the blurb about them. I really enjoyed this book from the beginning and when I finished it I read the author's notes where I discovered her main character is based on a Joan Miller who worked with MI5 . Now I am seeking out her book of memoirs.

Not much stitching has been happening here and I have the urge to crochet another blanket for the couch potatoe, me. Lucy's ( Attic 24) Moreland blanket came to mind as I love the undulating wave effect. Then I saw this section of the blanket ...

I looove those colours and have used all of them from Lucy's previous CALs. I have some yarn left over but not enough so I ordered more from Wool Warehouse again. This is what I have left of the colours in my stash so I can probably start it while waiting for the delivery.

The colours don't look as good in this pic but they are exactly the same as those in the blanket segment I like.

Now all I need to do is work out how many foundation chain I need for the size I want the blanket to be.

Keep safe and well.


  Brrrr it is cold! I suppose it is not as cold as many other places and we have had a fairly good winter so far but my body does not enjoy ...