Sunday 26 September 2021



Yesterday was a lovely social day for me even though I never left the house. I joined in Chooky's Zoom sewing day and "met" a lot of you lovely ladies from blogland. I felt like I'd had a lovely day out with friends. Thank you all for such an enjoyable time and a huge thankyou to Chooky for arranging it all.

Well, after completing all the household chores today that I had neglected yesterday, I have finally sat down to blog. I want to add you all to my blog list on the right side of this page but I cannot work out how to do it now. I think things changed when blogger updated. Anyhoo, I digress.

While on Zoom I only did 2 rows of crochet.

4 of 6 stitcheries are now done ready to cut into hexie shapes for the table topper.

I washed the 2 fabrics for this project today. 

A parcel arrived about an hour ago with these fabrics I ordered to make more pillowcases for my grandsons. They both love Bluey and the youngest is besotted with Paw Patrol. Such consumers!! 

I just need to find the You Tube tutorial that I watched to make the Thomas the Tank engine ones I made a couple of years ago.

For some reason a pic ended up at the top of this post and I can't get rid of it . Sorry. 

Thanks for visiting.



  1. lovely to have you join us on got lots done........
    I can help you with the sidebar has changed......last zoom when I went to add some of the girls it was different......

  2. It was lovely to finally "meet" you after all this time of blogging. I had to leave early as my regular quilt group meeting was also on that day. What a social life I lead at present!!!!! Perfect fabrics for pillowcases.

  3. We have to make the most of the technology to keep us all in touch. Didn't realise you had made a new blog...
    Will have to catch up on your crafting.
    lovely crochet project.

  4. Was lovely to see you at the zoom gathering. Your crochet is looking wonderful as are yout stitcheries. The pillow cases will be wonderful.

  5. So glad you had a lovely day with friends even if it was by 'zoom'! It certainly cheers you up! Love how the crochet is progressing Ondrea, the colours are fabulous! Your grandsons are going to love those pillowcases! Hugs Christine xx



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