Sunday 24 April 2022



Oh dear! I have too many pics stored on my tablet and have had to delete some so I can take pics to put on my blog. I got rid of a lot of pdfs but need to work out how I can transfer pics to my laptop. Any ideas? 

Anyhoo, in an attempt to get my mojo rebooted I found my ongoing little EPP project I started many many years ago to do on interstate flights every time I went away ( which wasn't very frequent).  The hexies are half inch on each side and I am adding the white ones around the blue and white rosettes ( or flowers as we tend to call them).  I already had 3 done and I stitched another 3.

I have been seriously thinking of giving up patchwork and quilting as well as embroidery as I have limited place to display things and noone is really interested in having anything made for them. I have considered just stitching for charity but I am more a hand stitcher than machinist. Have you ever pondered this? I have plenty of UFOs to keep me going for a while. 

I only have a few pages left to read of this wonderful book. I loooooove Steven Tyler's voice and music. You may not know that I love music especially hard rock and metal. However, I also love the classics like Pachabel's Cannon, Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata etc.  as well as Barbra Streisand and Andre Bocelli. Quite a mix really, anything but pop music ( not really fond of that). One begins to feel old when one of their fav musos  is now 74 ! At least he's still performing.

Thanks for popping in. I shall visit you soon.

Thursday 14 April 2022



What have I stitched, crocheted or knitted since my last post nearly 3 weeks ago? Zilch, nil, nothing. I did complete the crocheted blanket almost straight after that post but that is all.

I simply had no energy left after being out most days each week, something I am not accustomed to. I found myself sitting binge watching programmes while doing jigsaw puzzles on my tablet and eating things that do not actually nourish my body.  Speaking of which.....

I won a prize in my grandson's kinder's Easter raffle! My daughter delivered it to me yesterday and both my grandsons eagerly unpacked the bag one thing at a time showing me what I had won. You can guess why they were so eager lol. They were disappointed when their pleading eyes didn't do their magic on grandma or mummy , and they were only given a small egg each. ( They still have heaps left over from last year and the Easter Bunny will be visiting soon). With a big family they receive an abundance of choccie during Easter, and yes, I have some for them too. My girls were only allowed carob and a book when they were little. 

Books....I finished reading this book that was a Christmas gift from my youngest daughter. So, I have finished both the books she gave me and I have loaned her the other one I finished. I also borrowed one of hers which I am currently reading. It is wonderful having our very own family library.

My mum has been housebound since her surgery late January and is waiting to have her booster after Easter. Constantly requesting magazines and books to keep herself occupied since gardening and Table Tennis were out of the question, I have been lending her a few of my books and am finding it hard to keep up the supply lol. It is good that we share similar tastes, but not the ones my daughter and I do. It is good being a family of readers.

Easter is upon us now and although I am not a religious person the message of rebirth and renewal is extremely relevent during these times of world upheavel. May your Easter be a time to focus on happier times ahead and share with loved ones . 

Happy stitching.


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