Sunday, 24 April 2022



Oh dear! I have too many pics stored on my tablet and have had to delete some so I can take pics to put on my blog. I got rid of a lot of pdfs but need to work out how I can transfer pics to my laptop. Any ideas? 

Anyhoo, in an attempt to get my mojo rebooted I found my ongoing little EPP project I started many many years ago to do on interstate flights every time I went away ( which wasn't very frequent).  The hexies are half inch on each side and I am adding the white ones around the blue and white rosettes ( or flowers as we tend to call them).  I already had 3 done and I stitched another 3.

I have been seriously thinking of giving up patchwork and quilting as well as embroidery as I have limited place to display things and noone is really interested in having anything made for them. I have considered just stitching for charity but I am more a hand stitcher than machinist. Have you ever pondered this? I have plenty of UFOs to keep me going for a while. 

I only have a few pages left to read of this wonderful book. I loooooove Steven Tyler's voice and music. You may not know that I love music especially hard rock and metal. However, I also love the classics like Pachabel's Cannon, Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata etc.  as well as Barbra Streisand and Andre Bocelli. Quite a mix really, anything but pop music ( not really fond of that). One begins to feel old when one of their fav musos  is now 74 ! At least he's still performing.

Thanks for popping in. I shall visit you soon.


  1. I must confess I do wonder if there will ever come a time when I decide that I have enough quilts. I do give and gift many of my quilts. My family will never go cold. But what would happen if they said no more mum?

  2. I think that many of us sewists face this problem. Pretty hexies.

  3. Mr google will help with transferring pictures. I move from my phone to my laptop but not sure with tablet. Yes, the sewing can be a concern but I don't think there is anything wroing with sewing whatever simply for the enjoyment of it... but we all have to do what is right for ourselves...

  4. I don't have anyone that cares about my sewing either but it is my happy space so that is reason enough to keep it up. Some ideas for transferring your pics...does the tablet have a USB port? I assume your laptop does. If the tablet has a port put the files on a flashdrive/USB stick and then transfer the files from the stick to the laptop. If it doesn't emailing them to yourself would work although it would be slow and cumbersome. Bluetooth - if both devices have bluetooth you may be able to transfer between devices. If none of that worked I'd Google It! Good luck with getting the pics saved over though, it is hard when the device runs out of space but we don't want to delete the files.

  5. I have way too many finished things looking for a home but I love making and have no plans to give up until I cant see or my fingers give up! Hope you solve the transfer problem - I am sure Google will have the answer. I love your gorgeous blue and white hexies, always such a fresh look. Have fun with your projects and dont worry about where they will end up. xx

  6. Ah yes we have the same problem, I say just keep sewing if it makes you happy! Your hexies are very pretty Ondrea. I would plug the tablet into the laptop and then copy and paste the photos over. Hopefully you can use the same cord you use to charge it. Good luck!

  7. It is difficult to know what to do with all the handmade items one makes but, if it gives you pleasure to make them then you should continue. Love the little hexie flowers you are making! Have a lovely weekend. Christine xx



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