Sunday 21 January 2024



My crosstitch bookmark is taking a while to do but I have made some progress. I can only work on it a short while before I go crosseyed. I have unpulled and redone the border using 2 strands instead of 3 and done more of the centre and scattered stitching . Not much more to do now. Whew! 

I finshed the 4th book of a series I have been enjoying and have the final one waiting for me on my bookshelf. I have 2 new books I received for Christmas that I shall read before it , both non fiction. 

                                      Happy stitching! 

Tuesday 2 January 2024

HAPPY 2024!


After a very challenging 2023 for some of us I hope 2024 brings us all an abundance of good things.

Around Christmas time I was cleaning out a cupboard and found a bag of things I had bought and collected during my overseas trip way back in 2015. Now, that was a good year! I travelled with my youngest daughter for a month and later that year we had my eldest daughter 's wedding. Such fond memories. Anyhoo, in this bag I found a crosstitch bookmark kit I bought at Stonehenge. Nothing like taking over 8 years to rediscover it ! So, at long last, I started it. It is not good on the eyes but I am persevering. The instructions say to use 3 strands of thread throughout most of the crosstitch but I am using 2 strands after not being happy with the border......that shall be unpicked and redone after I finish the rest,

                  Progress so far, don't look too close lol.


                                          I have crocheted more flowers.


                          Cleaning up my craft room, finishing quilts then winding down from patchwork and quilting is my goal this year. I have noone to give quilts to and I can't machine quilt . I may be able to contribute with blocks for charity quilts this year instead. Now that I have rediscovered crosstitch from completing my decades old unfinished ones last year , I have been inspired to do more . I still love embroidery so I plan to still do some of that too. Smaller hobbies, less storage required. That is my aim. Let's see what actually happens. 


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