Saturday 24 November 2018


Do you ever get enthused to start a new project and put a nearly completed project aside ? Do you then promptly forget about it? Well, that's what I did with the my last  Christmas deco.  I am pleased to say that I found it and have now finished it.

I have finished the 1st Christmas stitchery block that I showed you last time and have started the 2nd one.
I was recently perusing Lucy's blog, Attic 24, and discovered her pattern for a crocheted mandala. So what's a girl to do with left over cotton yarn? Yep, I made one! It hasn't been ironed yet to straighten it out and I need to find a hoop for it but hopefully I will locate some hoops at Lincraft or Spotlight before Christmas. These could become addictive and I think I will try a different sized hook next time to make it tighter.
Angel Blessings

Saturday 17 November 2018


Just before we went away I finished another book which I borrowed from my mum. We are lucky to have the same reading tastes and often swap books with each other.

My stitching enthusiasm has waned so I haven't really done much stitching apart from starting a Christmas stitchery.
I have been collecting Jenny's free weekly designs for pincushions which I had planned to make as Christmas gifts but time is fast running out and my mojo seems to have gone on leave already.
I hope you are all happily stitching and send you many Angel Blessings.

Sunday 11 November 2018


I have been away visiting the pandas. Hubby and I went to Adelaide for a week to catch up with family and we also managed to see some touristy sights. I must say, wheelchair access is absolutely wonderful over there. While hubby spent the day with his brother and sister in law at Port Wakefield I decided to take a wander down Rundle Mall and I came across some quirky things.

Ofcourse, we had to visit the Adelaide zoo to see the pandas.
Ever soooooo cute! Needless to say I came home with "Lin Lin" the panda softie and a T shirt and hat with pandas on them for my munchkin. I was so pleased to see munchkin with his panda today at his great grandmother's birthday celebration.  Yey! Lin Lin is a winner!
I did take some stitching with me but never did any.
I promise to catch up with all your blog posts soon. I have not only been away but I still have no new android tablet to use instead of the main computer.
Many angel blessings to you all. .


  The past week or so I have cleaned out 4 drawers, 3 cubicles and my drawers of colour coded scaps for applique. A basket full of patterns ...