Sunday 11 November 2018


I have been away visiting the pandas. Hubby and I went to Adelaide for a week to catch up with family and we also managed to see some touristy sights. I must say, wheelchair access is absolutely wonderful over there. While hubby spent the day with his brother and sister in law at Port Wakefield I decided to take a wander down Rundle Mall and I came across some quirky things.

Ofcourse, we had to visit the Adelaide zoo to see the pandas.
Ever soooooo cute! Needless to say I came home with "Lin Lin" the panda softie and a T shirt and hat with pandas on them for my munchkin. I was so pleased to see munchkin with his panda today at his great grandmother's birthday celebration.  Yey! Lin Lin is a winner!
I did take some stitching with me but never did any.
I promise to catch up with all your blog posts soon. I have not only been away but I still have no new android tablet to use instead of the main computer.
Many angel blessings to you all. .


  1. What wonderful sights you got to see Ondrea,and how lovely that you got to spend time with family,lol we can't help but spoil the grandies can we,lol.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time, great statues you came across in the city. Good you had the stitching just in case 😆

  3. The pandas are so adorable! Looks like a nice trip.

  4. It is nice to have a break away from the usual routine. Funny how us grandmas always find something cute to bring back for the grandies.

  5. I do love those sculptures!Aww lucky you to see the pandas.....jealous here! I often taking sewing projects for a nice holiday lol!

  6. How lovely to see Pandas! xx



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