Sunday 28 June 2020


A few weeks ago I recieved my usual newsletter from Black Sheep Wools which also has videos about new patterns and products. I was drawn to a lovely free pattern from Ravelry called the Zick Zack Scarf which uses 2 x100g balls of different variegated yarn. I have never thought to use different variegated yarns together in a pattern but I could see how it worked well. 3 weeks later my yarn arrived and I was excited to get started. Well! After unpulling it 6 times over a period of 2 days, ( I amazed myself how patient and persistent I was), I realised knitting with 4 ply yarn and size 3 needles was not working for me as the stitches were splitting and I kept ending up with excess stitches. That was it, no more, forget it. Then I thought I would give it one more go using size 4 needles and yeeyyyyyyy.

I designed a label for one of my quilts that came back from the quilter just prior to Covoid19 lockdown and have been stitching it.

Sorry about the shadows. I put cutting mats on the floor and crawled along trimming  back the quilt edges ready for binding. Oops! No fabric saved! Once again I have found myself cutting strips of different fabrics used in the quilt to sew together for the binding. I hope it works. My knees have been playing up ever since so I hope the pain goes away before the next quilt has to be done.

I hope you are enjoying some crafty time. I have another project I am soooo wanting to try but that can wait.

Angel Blessings.

Saturday 20 June 2020


    Yey! My little Civil War quilt is finished! 

My head is spinning trying to work out which UFO to do next. I really need to be in the right frame of mind to sit at the sewing machine and to cut binding strips. The 2 quilts I got back from the quilter just before lockdown still need to be trimmed and have the binding put on. My Little Lucy needs border strips so I can needleturn the edges of the quilt. Maybe I should toss a coin?? It has been a challenging week which always messes with my health so maybe I shall just sit back and find some mojo from all your lovely blogs.

                         Angel Blessings.

Sunday 14 June 2020


My Christmas wall hanging is finished.  Yey! 

The centre of my little quilt has been hand quilted with just some border quilting still to do.

I finished reading this book last night. It is a novel based on a real woman . I love it when photos are included to show the main character and various sites mentioned.

It has certainly been suitable weather for indoor pursuits such as stitching and reading. I am now about to seek out my next UFO to do. 

Keep warm, keep safe and enjoy stitching.

Angel Blessings.

Monday 8 June 2020


The old saying " make do and mend" has taken a slightly newer slant during this pandemic. I have chosen self imposed lock down during winter apart from supermarket, pharmacy and doctor visits. I did venture out to buy some pjs and underwear last week but mostly without success ...unless I was size 16 to these were the only pjs and knickers left on the almost empty shelves. I know many would say that fabric shopping is essential but I am trying to make do with what I have. Thus the solution to binding my Christmas wall hanging. I did not have enough of any one Christmas fabric to make the binding so I decided to join 3 different fabrics together and I think the result is okay. I am ready to sew it down tonight.

This afternoon I sanwiched my little quilt after sewing the borders on last night. I am feeling that buzz of achievement which serves to spur me on.

I hope you have had some lovely stitching time.

Angel Blessings.

Friday 5 June 2020


......Munchkin's blanket! 

I finished it Tuesday night and gave it to him on Wednesday. My daughter took the pic this morning. Now I am at a loss until some new yarn arrives to knit a Zick Zack scarf .

I am much happier now having 4 new books on my " to read" shelf.

I really enjoy seeing what you are all reading and my list is forever growing.

                        Angel Blessings.


  Brrrr it is cold! I suppose it is not as cold as many other places and we have had a fairly good winter so far but my body does not enjoy ...