Sunday, 2 October 2022



Hooray! After much ado , scratching my head trying to work out the instructions...sometimes the stitch count didn't add up despite reading the instructions a zillion times....I finally finished my first octagon . Well, it is actually octagon number 2 because I started octagon 1 a few years ago which only has a couple of rounds left to do but it has to be unpulled because the stitches are wrong. I decided to pin my completed octagon to display it better. It has way too much pink in it for my liking but it will look okay mingled with all the others. 

                           Octagon number 3 is in progress.

                Another book has been read. She is new author for me. I am not sure if I will read her other one in this series but it was okay. 

Now I am going to check out your blogs and get back to my crochet.

Sunday, 25 September 2022



I have my mojo back! Yey! It is amazing how much happier I am when I have some crochet or stitching to do. Although I haven't made much progress on anything else, I have made progress with my Eastern Jewels blanket. 

All the granny triangles have been done and placed in labelled bags with the squares. 

The 4 corner half granny triangles are also finished.

See these foundation circles for the octagons I had prepared years ago....

they were all wrong! I had crocheted the wrong stitches so I unpulled them and remade each one. That kept me busy for a while.

Yesterday I started making an octagon and this is as far as I got so I am hoping to finish it today if all goes according to plan. 

I will have to do something about the pink showing through parts of the blue round but I don't want it to distract me from progressing .

Well, that's my excitement for the week. What was yours? 

Sunday, 18 September 2022



Thankyou Chooky for hosting the Zoom day last weekend. Although I didn't stay long it really brightened my day. I had overdone things a couple of days up the flood in our ensuite bathroom after a pipe burst inside our vanity cupboard. The day was spent mopping up all the water from the floor and the cupboard which contained baskets of things, the baskets full of water. The water gushed out until we could get someone to help us turn the water off outside.  3 loads of towels to wash and dry took most of the day. I

I have persisted with my Eastern Jewels crochet and completed the last granny square which I hadn't realised wasn't done. Number 9.  Then I discovered I had crocheted the wrong stitch on the last row of 3 granny squares which I then unpulled and redid. I then crocheted a granny triangle and made 3 more yesterday. They are not perfect, infact patience and persistance ran out after 5 attempts and re reading instructions. I ended up fudging a bit but I have the correct number of stitches so hopefully everything will come together nicely. Fingers crossed...and toes and legs. 

I hope the pic isn't too blurry. I can't hold my tablet steady enough while hovering above to take pics.

Looking for something to read while waiting for my next delivery from Booktopia , I found a book on my shelf that I bought over 10 years ago and had forgotten about. It was only $4.00 and is 2 books in one. I just finished the 1st book and thoroughly enjoyed it. " Sing As We Go". I shall read the other one after I have read my new Tara Moss book which I started last night. 

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Thanks for visiting me.

I just checked this post and saw that the text size changes. Sorry, no idea why. Lol. 

Sunday, 4 September 2022



Well, here I go again. Blogger seems to have changed things on me and after fiddling around I finally got it set to how it was. I can't remember what I did to get it back so I hope it doesn't disappear again.

I have finally finished hand quilting all the blocks. Here are the last 3. It looks a bit wonky in parts but once the quilt borders are re pinned it will look okay. Now I am wondering whether to just machine quilt the 2 borders even though the stitches will be small or continue hand quilting. 

I finished reading another book.  There was a BBC series on ABC a few years ago called " Home Fires" set in England during WW11 and this is the next book. 

It is very cold here but the sun is shining. We have visited my dad for Father's Day and I have been over to feed and spend time with my grandcat while her family is away during the weekend. I am off to the sewing room to seek out another UFO or pick up a new embroidery to do while contemplating how to finish the quilt and the autumnal applique I did. As long as they don't become UFOs again lol. 

Sunday, 28 August 2022



Not much has been achieved this past week but I did finish hand quilting the bunny block and another block. So the top and middle row blocks have been done. Just the bottom row and borders left to do now.

Yesterday was my youngest grandson's 3rd birthday party, the first party he has had due to lockdowns the previous 2 birthdays. He wanted a " Frozen" theme so my daughter out did herself again and created a " Frozen" birthday cake.

She spent all day Friday creating the cake while I occupied my grandson.  So, yesterday was the 1st time I have socialised with family and friends since the beginning of the pandemic. It was also the 1st time I haven't worn a mask among people so I just hope Covid hasn't found me. 

I finished reading another book this morning as I was too tired to read last night and it was too noisy to concentrate with the neighbour's music blaring until 12.30am. This book is fiction but was inspired by the very real evil adoption place that stole and sold children . 

I am planning to do some more hand quilting this afternoon after the final load of washing is done. I hope you enjoy your day.

Sunday, 21 August 2022



Sometime before the pandemic, maybe a year or 2 prior, I started a more challenging crochet project which I ended up putting away as I found it a bit difficult to do without someone to help me each time I came across a new hurdle. Well, as I have had more experience with crocheting since then, I decided to be brave and revisit it. So, I resorted everything I had done and started where I left off on a few blocks. Here is the pattern. 

Unfortunately, despite buying the kit, the colours are not light and bright as depicted but they are ok. Most of the filler granny squares had been done but there were 2 unfinished. I have add the next round to these 2 and there is one more round. I remember that I couldn't work out how to do the crosses and had some help from a friend then got confused doing the last 2 and left them. Thankfully, I had no trouble this time. Fingers crossed I don't come across more problems with the rest.

Now onto the 1st main octagonal block. This is where I left it and now I need to work out what row I am up to. I really need to focus without interruption to do this so I will have to choose my time and not do it while watching the tv. 

See what I mean about the colours? Anyhoo, I feel that I may be getting somewhere now. As for my hand quilting some further progress has been made. 2 more blocks have been done. It is hard to see in the pics but I have quilted around the hearts with brown thread because the ecru stood out too much. The rectagonal pieces have been hand quilted with 3 straight rows. All the blocks are quilted in straight( ??)  lines a quarter inch all around the stitcheries and then a second row around inside the block edges. The bunny one has not been completed.

After absolutely no sleep at all on Friday night and the neighbour building his house starting at 7am on Saturday morning again ( another neighbour defying local bi laws, they all do it), I just rested yesterday and did nothing after the basic household chores were done. Now I have discovered that I should not sit too long when stitching as an MRI showed I have moderate to severe wear and tear of my facet joints in the lumbar region. I will need to ensure I get up and move around more. 

I hope you are enjoying some crafty time. 

Sunday, 14 August 2022



Unfortunately , I have not done any crafty things since my last post. It is a cold and wet day here so I might venture into my sewing room soon and choose a project to do. 

I read most nights and finished this book.  I love Jennifer Worth's books and read ' Call the Midwife' before it became a TV series.  I loved it so much that I bought and read 2 of her other books. 

Ok, I am off into my sewing room now . Thanks for visiting.


  Hooray! After much ado , scratching my head trying to work out the instructions...sometimes the stitch count didn't add up despite rea...