Sunday 26 May 2024



My crochet shawl journey is complete. The final stitches were done last night and the ends sewn in. I wasn't happy with the blunt raw edge on the long side which was also a bit taut so I finished it off with slip stitches like the triangular sides but added a chain between each slip stitch to loosen it a bit and I am very happy with the result.

I had to buy another ball of yarn to finish it so I am using the rest to crochet a scarf using the same pattern but with a smaller hook. I used size 5 hook for the shawl and am using my usual size 4 for the scarf.  

When I went back to the wool shop to buy the extra yarn I couldn't resist buying another ball in different colourways for another scarf. Stand by for the next exciting episode. 

I have made further progress on my latest crosstitch which I plan to continue working on today as my wrists are a bit sore from doing so much crochet.

So that is my week's crafty progress. I shall pop over to see what you have been up to soon.

Sunday 19 May 2024



Although I haven't yet framed the last crosstitch I started a new one. This is another small patchwork themed one that I bought online .

I am really enjoying combining my love of patchwork with crosstitch. While researching framing techniques I came across a product called 'sticky board' which is an acid free board to mount the embroidery or crosstitch onto before putting it in the frame. Has anyone used this? I was just going to cut a bit of cardboard to size but the sticky board demos looked interesting.

My crocheted shawl is growing and I am considering making a scarf with the same yarn next.

The days are getting cooler so I love crocheting with the shawl draping on my lap.

Happy crafting. 

Sunday 12 May 2024


My grandson's crosstitch was finished last night so it is ready to iron and frame. I haven't framed my own crosstitches for decades so it will be interesting to see how I go. I think some You Tube browsing shall be happening.

My local wool shop, the only one down here now, recently moved to a much larger premises which is a delight to browse in.  I have been wanting to crochet myself a shawl to drape over my shoulders while sitting watching TV and stitching , crocheting or knitting.  A trip to the wool shop resulted in purchasing some yummy yarn and my shawl is in progress.

I feel so lucky that the wool shop moved and expanded because the only alternative would be online or Spotlight which is a half hour away. Even Lincraft closed. 2 Target shops closed and became major supermarkets and now Target is also a half hour away in a large shopping centre . 

Now onto my next crosstitch....hmmmmm which one shall I start? I have 3 prepared . 

Sunday 5 May 2024



My 2 grandsons have requested a Pokemon crosstitch each. I am half way through stitching a character named  Articuno which I have had to write down because the only character I can ever remember is Pikachu . My eldest grandson has a very thick enyclopedia of Pokemon characters which he proudly shows me many times explaining what each one does and what type it is. 


I finally finished another book. Reading has not been as enjoyable for me lately as I can't read more than a chapter or 2 without feeling too tired. However, I am still stocking my 'to read' shelf with a few books in the hope that my avid reading shall return. I have always enjoyed reading since I was a child so I feel quite disappointed with myself.

I am always interested to see what others are reading and often take note of books you have enjoyed. Some of you love the same authors as I do. So, I am off to catch up with your latest posts now. 

Sunday 28 April 2024



                          I finished the bat.

I think some of the threads were thinner as some specks of aida can be seen through the stitching. I have been using 2 strands on 16 ct aida with the other designs I have recently done and they don't have this problem. Same brand, DMC, but maybe different quality cotton in certain colours that I have ? Anyhoo, hopefully my daughter will like it. It just needs to be ironed and then I shall post it to her. She wants some gothic frames for the crosstitches she has done so that is why I won't be framing it myself. 

Tuesday 16 April 2024



Twelve months ago my mum broke her hip playing table tennis and I had weeks of hospital visits to assist my dad to. Well, almost a year to the day since then, last Monday,  dad fell through his glass house and cut through a muscle in his arm requiring an ambulance, and week of hospital visits to take mum to this time. Thank goodness he was discharged from hospital on the 6th day, 2 days after surgery .  All is well.

As my days were filled travelling to and from the hospital I never had the time or energy to visit my local craft shop to buy more Aida cloth and threads I needed so I ordered online from an Australian company that was recommended by a blogger during a Zoom meeting a while ago. It was a very prompt delivery . I had one day free to relax and catch up on household tasks while someone else visited dad that day , so I sat and wound my new threads onto bobbins and packaged them up with the individual crosstitch patterns ready to pickup and start stitching. 

Both my grandsons have requested some Pokemon crosstitches so I found some free patterns online and now have all the threads I need. Why is it I never had quite a few of them  when I have 2 boxes full of DMC threads? 

Meanwhile I have remained sane by stitching a gothic design for my youngest daughter.

                         I rather love this bat taking shape.

Got to go now. Hubby is unwell and my quiet time is over lol. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday 7 April 2024



Ta da! My mini crosstitch is done! The pattern does have a few large crosses surrounding it but I am not sure that I want to include them. I may even add my own ideas or just leave it as is. 

Did I wait long before I started another one? Nope! Finished the mini last night and started this one today. All shall be revealed as it grows.

I now have a request from my eldest grandson to do a couple of Pokemon ones for him which means a couple for his brother too lol. Looks like crosstitching shall occupy me for quite a while now. I just hope those quilt UFOs are not forgotten. 

Question.... how do you iron out the creases from the aida cloth? I have tried spraying water on it and ironing it and also used steam but the creases are still there. ( the finished one in the pic has not be re ironed since finishing).  Grrrr. 

I have had a few bloggers comments going to my junk mail lately and they only appear on my laptop. As I don't use my laptop all the time I may have not seen some of them as they only remain for a few days. So, if I have not acknowledged your comments  please accept my apologies. I am now making sure I check my laptop regularly. 


  My crochet shawl journey is complete. The final stitches were done last night and the ends sewn in. I wasn't happy with the blunt raw ...