Sunday, 29 January 2023



So far I have kept up with Attic 24's CAL and was, once again, ready to start the next part when it was released on  Friday night.  So, I have already crocheted 5 rows of part 4.

Ooops! Pic is upside down. Grrrr.


While waiting for more crochet to do I decided to finish the last bit of Gail Pan's " Wish You Well" BOM that I made during the early days of the pandemic , a lot of it done while we were in lockdown here in Victoria. I had one little embroidery to needleturn onto the quilt. 

It is not exactly a perfect circle but it will have to do. I made the quilt top entirely from fabric in my stash and I have some fabric for the backing but nothing for a border. I haven't been fabric shopping since before the pandemic started and I am thinking I may not add a border. 

Today I looked for my next UFO to do and found these I had done stored in a container with all the fabrics from a kit  of Lynette Anderson's  "Woodlands Secrets".

Looks like I shall be sorting everything out so I can start needleturning and piecing the quilt top after all these years stashed away.  

Happy stitching.


Monday, 23 January 2023



My Springfrost blanket is growing and I completed the 2nd week of the CAL just in time for the release of week 3 on Friday night. The top 4 and a half rows of week 3 have been done and I have been sewing in more ends. The colours are a lot softer than they appear in this photo.

The label for my finished quilt is finished and I have since sewn it onto the back of the quilt. Now I am contemplating whether to put a sleeve on it or not. I regard my quilts as finished once they have a label on them but I don't always put sleeves on the bigger ones. Having said all this I can't find the pic I took. Do you put labels and sleeves on all your quilts?

The book I received for Christmas has been eagerly read and I finished the last couple of pages this morning. Yes, it is another book about a cult, one I have another book about and I have also watched a doco series about it.  The cult leader is now in gaol for 120 years. 

I hope you have all had an enjoyable and productive stitching weekend.



Monday, 16 January 2023


I have been in my happy place crocheting Attic 24's latest CAL blanket. Week 2 was released on Friday night and I was ready to start as I had completed week one on time. There is no hurry and no need to keep up as the instructions remain on Lucy's blog forever but I simply love the meditative rythm of crochet. Some days I would have a break because my arthritic fingers acted up from too much crocheting the day before so I have to pace myself a bit better. The top 3 and a half stripes are from week 2.  

I have also been stitching a label for my finished quilt which will have a small border of the pictured fabric around it.

Unfortunately, I am having a lot of trouble with my fingers and eyes these days so my stitching is not as good as it used to be. Does anyone else have that problem? 

Another book has been read and returned to my mum . I am fortunate that we often enjoy similar books and can share them.

May your days be filled in your happy place.

Saturday, 7 January 2023


The final stitch has been made on my Cotton Country quilt binding about half an hour ago. I decided to use the fabrics that were in the quilt to make a scrappy binding and this is the result. Now I just need to design and stitch a label . 

Attic 24's CAL started last night here in Australia so I printed up the relevant pages and started crocheting a sample today to check my tension. I don't usually worry about tension for crocheted blankets but I thought it was a good idea to also get used to the pattern. 

We have had a lovely lot of strawberries to pick this week. Despite being under netting cheeky ravens managed to squeeze their beaks in gaps and eat a few themselves. Ah well, at least they share. 

        This was the last book I finished reading in 2022. 

We have had a lovely warm day today with 2 more summer days ahead. Tourists are everywhere, the roads are bedlam, and I am happy to sit, stitch, and crochet . I hope you are enjoying some crafty time too. 

Sunday, 18 December 2022



I have just crunched and limped my way up off the floor after trimming the borders of my quilt ready for binding. Now I am scratching my head trying to remember where I put the fabrics from this quilt so I can prepare the binding. 

My yummy yarn for Attic 24's annual CAL arrived from the U.K last week. The CAL begins early in January and I am looking forward to crocheting again. Hmmm, will it be hot by then requiring air con or shall we need heating? The weather has been quite unpredictable lately. 

May the season bring you joy, love and good health. Perhaps some elves may miraculously complete all my UFOs. 

Sunday, 11 December 2022



After a week of pondering which project to do I decided to get back to the hand quilting I was doing . The main section of the quilt had been finished with just the borders left to quilt. During the week I completed 1 row of straight line hand quilting around each border and have finished the 2nd row on the top border. If all goes to plan I shall finish the other 3 borders today. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the latest Fiona McIntosh book. She writes another genre of books, crime,  which I haven't read and I think she has combined both her genres in this book. I think this is the best book of hers I have read. It is also her 1st story set in Australia.

Tuesday, 29 November 2022



 The Eastern Jewels journey has been a little challenging but I am so pleased I persevered and finally nailed it! Yey! I added the final border 2 nights ago and this is the end result...

It is a bit scrunchy as I haven't done anything to straighten it out. My daughter took the next pic of me holding it up and it looks a but stretchy in this one.

                  So, that is my scrunchy stretchy blankie.

I haven't been reading as much lately due to catching a bug from my grandson. I was laid low for a couple of days ( but still had to keep the household running) and it  has been 10 days and I am still not 100% . My throat was so sore I couldn't talk much or eat a lot and I developed a bit of a cough and the throat is still a bit sore.  My daughter still has it after 2 weeks , her mother in law now has it and so does my hubby who is hacking quite loudly day and night. He has it worse than I did ( ??????) I usually get over things in a couple of days but this bug sure wants to hang on. Anyhoo, I did finish a book I borrowed from mum.

Now I am feeling at a loss not having any crochet to do. Looks like I had best get back to finishing the hand quilting I put aside.


  So far I have kept up with Attic 24's CAL and was, once again, ready to start the next part when it was released on  Friday night.  So...