Friday 29 March 2019


I  am blogging from not so sunny Qld. After leaving a beautiful warm sunny Melbourne yesterday I arrived on the Gold Coast to be greeted by rain and humidity.  It is not the best time of year to be up north but it was an opportunity to see family who live up here.

At least I have a lovely view.

It is surprising what you see down the street.

Before I came up here I finished another book.

Remember those pincushions? I finally finished making them. I was waiting to find some crushed walnut shells to fill them with but could not locate any so I just used polyfill. They are small gifts for my stitching group which I had intended to give them for Christmas. Ah well, better late than never.The patterns for the pinnies and the stitched alphabet are Jenny's designs. I can't seem to put a link up but a link to her blog is on my right side bar.

I hope you are enjoying some nice weather . It is only a brief stay here so I hope to return to not so humid weather soon.

Angel Blessings.

Sunday 24 March 2019


Oh dear! I have not kept up to date with the weekly link up of The Art of Gentle Domesticity but I am still enjoying the book. I have been crocheting and stitching and love the progress of my little quilt.  I have been inspired to make a smaller one and have everything prepared ready to start any time. Here is my progress of the current one. 8 rows stitched and the 1st 2 rows pieced together.

I am not happy with the crocheted baby blanket as I don't really like the sheen of the yarn and it doesn't look as nice as the Stylecraft Special DK  . I was going to cease crocheting this one but I have decided to keep going and see what it looks like when I add the borders. There are 4 new colours coming in the SSDK yarn and 3 of them will look lovely for a baby blanket so I am thinking of purchasing them when they are released . If you want a sneak peek you can visit Attic 24 where Lucy introduces them.

I finished another book by one of my favourite Australian authors.

Angel  Blessings.

Wednesday 6 March 2019


This week's book study talks about colour . Reading what Jane Brocket says about her journey with colour and how she views it is interesting but has not influenced me in any way apart from perhaps looking at art work in a slightly different way. I have never really been afraid of using colour in ways that appeal to me . If it looks good to me and it is for me then I really don't give much thought to what others may think. However, if I am making something for someone else I try to consider their tastes. Jane talks about The Dark Side....using dark colours especially black. I looooove black! I personally think that black compliments other colours by making them pop. Years ago I made a quilt for my cat who has sadly since passed away . I wanted to use bright cheery colours and framed the blocks and the quilt itself with black.

However, I agree with Jane that black can be hard to see properly when stitching. Just before writing this post I was trying to find a beautiful crocheted afghan rug ( as my grandmother called it) that my great grandmother made so I could take a pic to add here. Alas, I could not find it and now I am eager to look for it properly after completing this post.  It consists of  colourful granny squares surrounded with black and I have always thought it to be quite striking even as a child. Perhaps that is where my love of black contrast stems from.  I  have always been aware of how different colours make me feel...cheery, happy, calm,meloncholy , even nauseated.  Certain colours or colour combos can literally make me feel ill.  I often wonder if others ever have the same experience.

So many colours, so many variations of colours...muddy, bright, pale, medium, light and dark. I am currently handpiecing another little quilt using my stash of Civil War repros.  I have completed the 1st 2 rows.

So, you see, I can use brights and yet I love the hues of the Civil War era.

Now that I have finished my Sweet Pea throw using those gorgeous colours, I am on to a new crochet project....a baby blanket for munchkin number 2 who is due in September!!! I am so thrilled to have another grandchild on the way.  I chose a turquoise or aqcua blue with purple and a bit of white to break the monotony of the other 2 colours.

So, while I love wearing black and using it as a contrast to make other colours pop, I love variety.  My colour scheme for my decor may be one thing, my clothes another, and things I make may be completely different.  I have mentioned that my favourite colour is purple and I have even had purple in my hair when I was in my late 50s and early 60s.  If a colour makes your heart sing then do not be afraid to use it. It may just make someone smile.

Angel Blessings.

Saturday 2 March 2019


I am so pleased that we have airconditioning this year because I would never have finished my crocheted throw. Fresh off the press...well it needs a light steam to straighten out the wonkies.

So, what is this quest? A friend is 2 balls short of this yarn as it is an old knitting pattern and she found the yarn but there is not enough to complete the garment. So, if anyone has any left over or knows where to find it we would be most appreciative.

I hope you  are all keeping cool.

Angel Blessings


  The past week or so I have cleaned out 4 drawers, 3 cubicles and my drawers of colour coded scaps for applique. A basket full of patterns ...