Monday 27 March 2023


I have 3 UFOs in progress at the moment. Little Lucy still needs her borders sewn on and my pandemic quilt (  Wish You Well..Gail Pan) just needs borders cut and sewn on. I also have the Woodland Secrets awaiting sashings. Have I spent time in my sewing room? Nope. I walk in there, take a look, ponder which to tackle first and then walk out again. I guess my sewing mojo has taken a holiday. Thus my crochet progress. 

I am having difficulty trying to work out colour combos and where to place them but I just work it out as I go. I am eager to get back to my grandson's blanket but this one is keeping me busy until the yarn arrives. 

Happy crafting. 


  1. I have times like that too, can;t decide what to do so go read a book instead!! I like your crochet blanket and think the colours look great.

  2. I love how your granny squares are coming together. A break from sewing is always good - you will come back to it. xx

  3. I love how this blanket is looking Ondrea. I love the colours and the different sizes of the granny squares.... adds such interest! My sewing mojo is having a holiday too... perhaps some Spring sunshine will help! Hugs Christine xx

  4. It's a beautiful way to keep busy.

  5. The illusive UFO's will happen when the time is right... I do love how that crochet is coming along....

  6. Your crochet blocks are lovely xx



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