Monday 20 March 2023


Oops...I miscalculated the amount of left over yarns in my stash for my grandson's green blanket. Now I have come to a stand still until more yarn arrives that I ordered yesterday. I still have a few ends to sew in so some progress shall be made. Here is the blanket so far. 


I crocheted the 1st large block of my other crochet in progress . Instructions for this block required turning it to the wrong side to crochet some rounds but I cannot work out why. Any experienced crocheters out there know why? 

All 9 blocks of my quilt have been finished. 7 appliqued and 2 plain patchwork.

When I was sorting out the fabrics for the sashings I realised that they are all very busy patterns and I think the over all quilt really needs some plainer fabrics to make the blocks stand out. I have already decided to do plain borders instead of the busy patchwork borders but it looks like I need to find somewhere to shop for some fabrics, something I haven't done since the pandemic. A lot of quilt shops have closed down here so I shall need to shop online or go to Spotlight.  Wish me luck! 


  1. It looks like you have enough to keep you busy while waiting for the green yarn to arrive. I have a friend who does crochet and for some reason she also turns her blocks around but does not know why either. I am sure someone can shed some light on it for you.

  2. Your Grandson's blanket is looking great Ondrea and I hope the new yarn arrives quickly. Great progress on your other projects too! Have a lovely week. Christine xx

  3. Lots of things going on :-)) yipp, I always have them too :-) Your crochet work looks very nice... have fun with it. I think it's perfectly fine how you crochet the blocks. But I'm curious if anyone has a flash idea...
    Good luck with the fabric search for your quilt... I'm sewing a blouse top... sewing is fun - sewing puts you in a good mood :-))
    Many greetings to you from Viola.

  4. I'm seeing a couple of crocheters today and I will try and remember to ask. I agree some plain fabric with your blocks is a good idea - happy shopping...

  5. Hope the new wool arrives soon for you. I cant answer your turning around question sorry. Plain fabric sounds good, for your borders. I called into Spotlight last Thursday, they had 50% off everything I bought! Bonus!!



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