Sunday 24 June 2018


It looks like the issues with Blogger are not improving. Not only are they not sending emails of people's comments on my blog but now I cannot seem to leave comments on other people's blogs. I feel like I have been isolated form my lovely blogger friends. Hopefully the problems shall be sorted out soon. Meanwhile, back here in Crafty land I have actually completed 2 projects. Yey! Don't fall off your chairs. Munchkin's quilt was put on hold as I didn't have enough fabric for the binding. I put it away for a couple of days and when I was rummaging around in my stash for another project  I found enough fabric which would suit the binding. This is the end result. ( the backdrop isn't really appealing but I needed somewhere to hang it). It is a rather unique quilt as it is totally machine pieced and machine quilted by yours truly. A rarity indeed.

I have had some lovely Basic Grey charm squares sitting in my stash for a while so I decided to make a table runner. Once again, I tried machine piecing and machine quilting but it wasn't without a little drama. First the needle dropped out as I was sewing and then when I put it back it broke in half! I found the pointy end but still haven't found the rest of the needle. I thought it may be stuck up in the part where you insert the needle but I couldn't see so I just put the new needle in anyway. It seems to be working so who knows where that bit of needle is. Machines and I never seem to have a fantastic relationship.  Matching coasters are currently under construction using remnants of the cut charm squares.
And...... another angel . This is Harriet the Homebody. Only 3 left to do now.
Unfortunately I haven't had much energy to stitch the last couple of days but hopefully I will be full of energy after an iron infusion this week and maybe some sleep.
Thankyou so much for visiting. If you are able to leave a comment I shall check my blog periodically and email each of you.
Angel Blessings.

Saturday 9 June 2018


I have had a productive stitching time this past week completing 2 more angel blocks. This one is Zoe and Prudence.

This is Millicent the Magnificent Mum.
I have just finished selecting all the threads ready to stitch Harriet who may make an appearance in a few days. I can also get back to my penny rug now that some beautiful wool felt has arrived from lovely Karen.
 Thankyou for stopping by. I really appreciate my blog world friends.
Angel Blessings.

Sunday 3 June 2018


How did June arrive so quickly? It seems we only really got Autumn half way through and now winter is officially here. It has been quite dull around 4pm each day and I have wanted to close the curtains and snuggle in for the evening well before the evening meal . I nearly forgot that it is OPAM time again.

I am unsure whether crochet and knitting are included but I sure hope so as I have only managed to finish such projects...1 knitted pair of fingerless gloves and 1 crocheted scarf.
However, I have some of my mojo back now and completed Fran's Flying School block as well as 2 little heart blocks for my angel quilt.
My mum liked the scarf I crocheted for myself so I whipped up another one for her in a colour she would like.
I have come to a grinding halt with my penny rug until some more lovely soft wool felt arrives on my doorstep . 
Angel Blessings.  


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