Sunday 18 July 2021



After much scratching of head and reading the instructions repeatedly I finally worked out how to put my stars together. 

Then the fillers.

Voila! Now  I just need to block it so the stars actually look like stars. I have never blocked crochet before so wish me luck.

After success with this project I decided to try another little table topper from the book. This definately requires blocking too.

I love the projects in the book but some of the instructions were incorrect . I am no crochet expert but I managed to work out the problems.

My predicted inevitable lockdown saw me buying lots of cotton yarn in preparation this time. They say 5 days but I suspect it will be longer. My holiday neighbours have chosen to stay because they were already here which is perfectly within the regulations but they had visitors dropped off and welcomed into their home a couple of hours ago. My parents had 2 lots of holiday neighbours come down yesterday , which is not part of the regs. So, thanks to people like that,  we may see ourselves enduring further restrictions.  There are clearly a lot of people who believe restrictions do not apply to them.  

I have stepped off my soap box again now  and hope you are all enjoying some crafty time while in lockdown.



  1. I would be up there on the soap box with you. My Sister in law has COVID symptoms, thanks to travellers, who should know better. GRRR.
    Good thing we have our crafts to get lost in and hide away from the stupid people in this world.

  2. WOW your star topper is just gorgeous as is the second one. Lucky you stocked up on supplies before for this lockdown. We have the same problem in Sydney with those you think that they can carry on regardless and the rules do not apply to them. Some people need to take a good hard look at themselves and their selfish ways.

  3. Love the stars and your other crochet.. lovely....


  4. You are perfectly entitled to be on your soap box! Both your projects are beautiful. Good to hear you are stocked up, I think we will be locked down for longer than 5 days too.

  5. I agree with Sue - you keep on your soapbox! Amazing how many people managed to get to our neck of the woods when nobody was supposed to leave their own department during lockdown! And as for what is happening in UK - unbelievable! Anyway, enough of that, your two finishes are both beautiful! well done you. xx

  6. Simply gorgeous and the new one lovely too! So many selfish people.....I really worry for us as a species *sigh

  7. So pretty. Well done. Let’s hope the stupid people don’t spread things further. Have fun with your crochet.

  8. Your star topper is gorgeous Ondrea.

  9. Beautiful crochet projects Ondrea! So sorry you are in lockdown again. Lucky that you have extra supplies to hand to work with. Hugs Christine xx



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