Sunday 3 October 2021



I think I have found a balance of craft vs household chores this past week . My Christmas table topper gift for my family friend in the UK was a joy to stitch.

I decided to frame them all in red and make the centre green. I kept the centre plain so a candle, ornament or a dish of Christmas snacks can be placed on it.  Before I stitched them together I pondered which way to have each stitchery facing. I played with them each facing out from the centre but finally decided to have them all facing the same way. 

When I ordered my yarn from the UK I also added two stitchery kits to my order that I have been eyeing off for a while. Although I have been stitching forever, I thought kits would be fun and all I had to do was iron stabiliser to the back because that is what I like to do. This embroidery is done using 3 strands of thread which is unusual for me but I am pleased with the results so far. 

My crochet is growing. Hmmmm it looks a bit weird in the pic. No idea why.

I finished this book which is the sequal to Tidelands. I think this is the 20th Philippa Gregory book I have read. 


I was just notified by text that one of the books I ordered is arriving today. Yey! My 3rd Sunday delivery. The fabrics I bought to make pillowslips for my grandsons are washed and dry ready to iron. Hmmm, decisions...stitchery, crochet or pillowslips today? I hope you are all keeping safe and well. Thankyou for stopping by.



  1. You have had a very productive week. Lovely gift for your UK friend and your new stitchery is pretty. I cannot see anything weird about your crocheting. Nice to have choices as to what to do. Enjoy.

  2. Yourtablematturnedout beautifully. Love all your stitching. I have to embroider something soon and have to relearn before I work on the actual project. Yikes!

    Have a great week.

  3. love Micheles little Ausi animal stitcheries.... they are lovely as a table topper/candlemat....

  4. Nice to have those sorts of decisions to make. I like reading Philippa Gregory too! I haven't read that particular book though... hope it's good! The embroidery kits look fabulous and I love how your table topper came together... it looks great! Hugs Christine xx

  5. How good is it to have to make a decision about what you want to do! I enjoyed that book too. In fact I think you put me onto them! The kit looks lovely and your hexies look wonderful. Your crochet looks good to me.



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