Sunday, 10 October 2021



Once again,  I promised myself I would finish a UFO. I had hand quilted the centre of this EPP table topper and put it aside to contemplate how I wanted to quilt the borders. So, I happily revisited this project and decided to hand quilt simple straight lines along each border leaving about an inch from each mitred corner because each edge would not meet up properly. Done! Now to trim and bind. Nooo, not that easy! The quilt is wonky. As you can see, when trimmed correctly the batting is included as the border. I don't know what to do. Any ideas?? 

My botanical stitchery is ready to frame in the hoop.

                                 The blanket is growing.

And another book is finished. I learnt a bit of Aussie history I never knew about in this novel. I love reading authors' notes in the back of books.

We are entering ( I think) our 10th week of lockdown here in Victoria. I hear NSW is opening up so keep safe and well.


  1. Great progress on the blanket and your botanical stitchery is just the fern frond.

  2. Not sure how to make the borders right...... Sorry.....
    The stitchery is lovely in

  3. Lots of pretty projects there Ondrea. The blanket is looking lovely and the embroidery is fabulous. As regards the wonky table topper problem, I would cut a wider than normal binding. Match the raw edges with the trimmed edge of the quilt (so that the batting is included) then stitch it on with a wider than 1/4 inch seam allowance (say, 1/2 inch) so that the quilt top is caught into the seam then turn to the back and finish as usual. It will produce a wider binding but, it will cover the batting and even the quilt out. (I hope this makes sense to you!) Hugs, hope you have had a lovely weekend! Christine xx

  4. Christine has said exactly what I was going to suggest for the wonky epp. It doesnt look too far out so you may get away with 3/8ths". Pretty stitchery and the blanket is pretty too. xx

  5. lovely work.... your blanket is looking lovely... I need to do more on mine - it's gettign warm here so I should have done it by now...

  6. Hope the wonky epp works put for you...the stitchery is beautiful. Your crochet blanket is progressing well.

  7. Your blanket and your stitchery are adorable.
    Your EPP quilt is sweet too, hope you get an answer to your wonky problem.



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