Sunday, 24 October 2021



After much ado about my table topper's wonky borders I came up with a solution. Thankyou for your suggestions as I had thought of them myself but was a little unsure. However, I decided to trim back those pesky side borders by 1/ 4 " and then stitched the binding  3/ 8ths ". As usual, I stuffed up the binding join ( I think I will go back to my easier way...just stitching binding to the 4 sides separately), so the end result is not exactly straight. The topper just needs a bit of ironing and starching now to help ease the puckering.

       The 2nd botanical embroidery is almost finished. I         discovered that I am not that adept at stem stitch but improved as I went along.

                             My blanket is slowly growing.

Although I have some new books to read I had a desire to re read a book I had in High School. I read it in Form 4 about 50 years ago. ( I guess it would now be Secondary College and Year10??? ). The pages have browned with age and some of the print has faded but I am still enjoying it, although a bit dated. I only have a few pages left to read .

 Do you have any books you enjoyed at school?

Well, with Covid restrictions eased here in Vic it is more like Christmas time down here with streams of cars on the freeway heading here and people everwhere. Last night some idiot was letting off fireworks, music was blarring 
and people were standing outside laughing and yelling out before driving off. On a happier note I had a lovely day on Friday with my daughter and 2 grandsons. My happy hormones are now pumping again. I hope you are all enjoying some time with family and friends.


  1. Strangely your pictures, apart from the one of the book have not come out although the picture of the finished tabletopper is showing on the email I got with my Bloglovin feed. Odd one - never had that before. Anyway, glad you have your happy face on and I am sure your embroidery is beautiful. xx

  2. Glad you got the wonky borders sorted Ondrea and the table topper finished. It looks really lovely. I really love your embroidery too but most of all I am thrilled for you that you have finally got to see your family again. Hugs Christine xxx

  3. Glad you found a soloution for the tabletopper. It is amazing what a bit of starch and iron does for the end product. How lovely to be finally able to catch up with your daughter and grandsons.

  4. I love all your different projects....wonderful to catch up with family...

  5. Well done on the finish and you are making great progress with your other projects. I heard East Link was nose to tail Friday and Saturday. So good you are able to see your daughter and grand sons.

  6. You've got lots of lovely projects on the go. I love your hexie table topper especially. I still have some of my school books, but must admit I haven't actually looked at them in the past 30 years.

  7. Love your hexie table topper….your stitching is so neat love your colours it is looking lovely,

  8. What a beautiful table topper! So happy you were finally able to see your boys!!

  9. Love your little table topper.



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