Sunday, 5 September 2021



Last post I had started reading another book and I finished it last night. I am amazed how many Australian authors I seem to gravitate to even when I don't know who they are until I read the blurb about them. I really enjoyed this book from the beginning and when I finished it I read the author's notes where I discovered her main character is based on a Joan Miller who worked with MI5 . Now I am seeking out her book of memoirs.

Not much stitching has been happening here and I have the urge to crochet another blanket for the couch potatoe, me. Lucy's ( Attic 24) Moreland blanket came to mind as I love the undulating wave effect. Then I saw this section of the blanket ...

I looove those colours and have used all of them from Lucy's previous CALs. I have some yarn left over but not enough so I ordered more from Wool Warehouse again. This is what I have left of the colours in my stash so I can probably start it while waiting for the delivery.

The colours don't look as good in this pic but they are exactly the same as those in the blanket segment I like.

Now all I need to do is work out how many foundation chain I need for the size I want the blanket to be.

Keep safe and well.


  1. I only do audio books now days as I fall asleep reading to often and barely get thru a page.......I'll have to see if this book is available thru Borrow Box

  2. That looks an interesting read. Have taken a note of the name and added it to the list. I see another pretty blanket in your future.

  3. I have read and enjoyed that book too. Love the crochet blanket, the colours are really pretty.

  4. What a beautiful blanket you are starting Ondrea and I adore the colours you have chosen, they would be my choice of colours too! Hope your weekend is going well. Hugs Christine xx



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