Sunday, 29 August 2021



Despite a fibro flare up and little sleep I have found some stitching enthusiasm again. These are the 3 stitcheries for block 8 of the BOM. I still have most of the previous blocks to piece before the final block is released next month but, as usual, I dilly dally choosing what fabrics go where and find it rather tedious. 

Recently my mum was clearing out a few things and she found some of my grandmother's buttons which she has now given me.

It was quite unusual for me not to have been reading much lately but , thankfully, my reading mojo returned and I enjoyed another Victoria Purman book.

I am currently enjoying a book written by a new author which I shall share next time.

Alas, not much stitching shall be done today as I am still in a Codeine fog after finally getting to sleep around 6am this morning. Oh how I look forward to some warmer.

Keep safe and well.


  1. Wishing you healthier days ahead. Sweet buttons and gorgeous stitcheries as always.

  2. Enjoy your stitching..... Take care

  3. Good to hear from you Ondrea. More lovely stitcheries and such pretty buttons to find a special place for. Enjoy your reading. xx

  4. Oh Dear, it's no good being in pain. I hope you get some relief soon and you're able to get back to your pretty stitches.

  5. Hoping you can turn a corner and feel, much better soon , this week looks like a cold one sadly. Your stitcheries are beautiful. I am sure you will be inspired with your fabrics soon. Lovely buttons.

  6. Pretty stitcheries. Hope you’re feeling better xx



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