Sunday, 12 September 2021


While waiting for my yarn delivery from the UK I was eager to start my crocheted blanket with the yarns I already have. However, despite counting and recounting the foundation chain,  I always ended up with too many chain left in the second foundation row. This is my 4th attempt to reach row 1 and I think I have mucked it up again.

My reading rhythm has returned and I have finished another book. I heard the author's interview on the radio and ordered the book the next day. Unfortunately, although the theme drew me to the book I found it difficult to read. The chapters are devoted to individual characters written in past and present times which I found very confusing. I think I am a bit muddle headed .

I reluctantly had my first dose of AZ on Friday afternoon and I ended up with a humongous migraine from early yesterday morning until 2am this morning.  2 Panadeine Forte took over an hour to ease the headache but made it manageable for a couple of hours. Another 2 tablets were required around midnight and I just listened to a podcast sitting upright until the meds kicked in. Most of yesterday was spent laying on the couch listening to my binge TV shows trying to distract myself from the pain . Anyhoo, I have now joined the world wide vaccine trial. I am just annoyed that being over 60 I was not given a choice of vaccine unlike the younger people. I believe it is agesim, discrimination. 

I must get off this device now as I have a mild headache today and don't want it to get worse with screen time.

Keep safe and well.


  1. Hopefully your second dose will be better. I offer my arm up for the second does in two weeks time. How frustrating with the crocheting.

  2. Hope you manage to get the crochet started again and I hope you feel a whole lot better soon! Hugs Christine xx



  Unfortunately , I have not done any crafty things since my last post. It is a cold and wet day here so I might venture into my sewing room...