Sunday 16 July 2023



After years of doing this EPP project only when travelling  on domestic flights for something to do , ready to pack and go, I think it is finally ready to add borders. It must be about 15 years old lol. However, I find myself pondering where to end edges. In my last post I was ready to stitch more rosettes on and proceeded to do so only to find I had not added the pairs of blue hexies so I had to unpull them. My stitches are very fine and it was quite a difficult thing to do without the fabric edges freying. So, here I finally am. Should I finish here?

Or should I add one white hexie in the middle of each dip on the top and bottom rows? I have placed a hexie on the 3 right hand rows on the top to compare. 

This is the only suitable piece of fabric I have in my stash to possibly use as the border. However, I am not sure if it is the right shade of blue. I am thinking of needle turning the edge to the whole fabric instead of trying to fiddle with 4 separate border pieces like I am still trying to finish on my Little Lucy. 

Backing and quilting will be my next decision. Unfortunately, I am having lots of trouble with my right hand and need to pace my stitching so now I am frustrated not being able to do as much hand crafting. Maybe it is time for those machine finishes. 

It is perfect sit and sew weather here , rather gloomy outside. Hope you are enjoying some stitching time wherever you are. 


  1. Hi Ondrea
    I think I would be tempted to straighten the short edges with white hexies and add the single hexies to the long edges. Appliqueing down would I think be the easiest method of adding the border.
    I tied my hexie tablecloth in the centre of each rosette which has worked well so that might be an option to save your hand. I will see if I can find a photo to send you. xx

  2. To be honest I think any of those finished would look good - just different to each other. I do like the big blue border myself and you could applique it down with a small zig zag on the machine to save your hands....

  3. I love it, blue and white always look so good.

  4. Decisions, decisions....always the hard part.

  5. hmmm its a hard one deciding hwo to finish the edges........I feel your pain in making the decision.........I would stitch it to the background....well that's what I am thinking of doing with one of mine........



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