Sunday 2 July 2023



After completing my last crocheted blanket I found myself twiddling my fingers while watching my shows each evening. I just can't sit and be glued to the TV without doing something constructive unless I am unwell. I have plenty of UFOs to complete on the sewing machine but needed to find some hand stitching to do. I have a yearning to revisit crosstitching and finally found one of my unfinished crosstitches that must be at least 20 years old, maybe more. I need to remember how to do it again lol. I have the pattern sheet and the original threads still in a cigar box ready to go. The threads should still be okay as DMC were much better quality , in my opinion, back then.  I am currently searching for another unfinished crosstitch I have stashed somewhere.

I started doing tapestry 50 years ago then did a petite point which I still have somewhere. I progressed to counted crosstitch after that and did it for decades until I found other crafty things to do with needle, threads, knitting needles, photos ( scrapbooking) and hooks.

I decided to get back to my blue and white little hexie table topper which is nearly ready for finishing off and quilting.


I seem to be having problems with this post so I hope it turns out ok.  The above pic does not want to enlarge. 

Keep warm and well.


  1. What a gorgeous cross stich picture Ondrea - I look forward to seeing it finished and your hexies are so lovely. xx

  2. Lovely projects.... I have just ordered a cross stitch kit so I can try a bit of that. I don't know petit point so will look that up.... so many different things to try. Great to get those out and finish them off as they are beautiful projects...

  3. Your cross stitch looks beautiful, good to finish off projects.



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