Sunday 25 June 2023



Ta da! I finished the blanket last night. The pattern is Lucy's ( Attic 24) Fireside Blanket and I substituted her chosen colours with colours I had in my stash from a few of Lucy's other blankets I have made.  I did fewer border rounds than hers and now I just need to straighten the blanket out somehow, although it doesn't really matter as I am currently feeling quite snuggly beneath it on my sofa. The colours make me feel happy so it is now called "My Happy Blanket". 


I think I am absolutely hooked, no pun intended, on crocheting blankets and have been pondering making Sophie's Universe .  No kits are currently available but I can purchase the book and select my own colours but colour selection is not my forte. 

Before I go I want to acknowledge that a few bloggers are having a stressful time with health issues and some are trying to help elderly parents . I am not alone. I send you all many hugs and am thinking of you. 


  1. Congratulations Ondrea! It is beautiful and certainly very happy smiley colours. Wrap it round and give yourself a big hug. xx

  2. Love, love, love your Happy Blanket, well done on the finish. Best blanket for todays weather. You are good at choosing colours, just need to boost your confidence in yourself. Hugs back to you. xx

  3. What a gorgeous blanket, and yes, HAPPY - the perfect name. I'm so glad it brings you joy, and also that you've discovered this penchant to pursue more crochet. It really is a lovely craft.
    Praying for you as you continue to balance your own health issues with hubby's and your parents, Ondrea. xx

  4. YOur blanket is fabulous and totally happy..... great finish. I wonder what the next one will be. I think you have done very well putting these colours together ...

  5. I would be happy snuggelled up under that pretty blanket too. Well done.

  6. Hey Ondrea that is a beautiful blanket and I love the colours......very happy.........



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