Saturday 17 June 2023


Due to more health issues the past fortnight I have only been crocheting the last few days and I am happy to have completed the central part of the blanket and added the 1st border consisting of 2 rounds. However, I only had about 2 inches of the 2nd round left to do when I ran out of the colour. Yep, 2 inches! I had not one single scrap left anywhere to be found. Then I had a brainwave,( rare indeed) , and checked to see how much I had wound on the peg. I keep labelled samples of each colour and brand wound onto wooden pegs like Lucy does( Attic 24). So, thankfully, I had enough from the peg to complete that final 2 inches with a small amount left to wind back onto the peg. WHEW! 

I now realise that the top right block is the same colour as the first border which makes that block look over sized. Hmmmm. Anyhoo, I wanted to use that blue and there is no way I have enough of it to unpull and redo another border as it will need even more yarn. 

Today I started the 1st round of the next border ensuring I have fresh new balls available of each colour I use from now on LOL. It is a mauve, not a pink as the pic seems to show. 

My blog is a bit boring with just crochet happening but I do hope to get back to some UFO quilts soon.  Why is the font size changing????????Sorry.


  1. I hope you are feeling better this coming week, your blanket is looking great, so lucky you had that spare piece of wool.

  2. Well done on your lovely finish. How lucky to have the small amount of sample wool needed. I have also been having "font size" issues with the last couple of my posts. Very annoying. Hope you are feeling better. Take care.

  3. Nerve wracking end to that row! Hope you are feeling better this week...

  4. Your crochet is always so nice and bright......



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