Sunday 23 July 2023



Well, this week I travelled back in time down memory lane. While searching for another particular crosstitch UFO I found my petite point I did when I was 19 years old. I distinctly remember stitching it when I first moved out of home in my shared flat ( never again...I lived on my own after that experience) . I still remember sitting on my bean bag in the lounge room quietly stitching. Could it be Marie Antoinette? Looking at it now I think it may be. It was stashed away for close to 50 years and travelled to many homes over the years. 

Then I found this! I was stitching it when my children were very young in our 2nd home. So it must have been started over 30 years ago! I found the pattern stored nicely but couldn't find the actual crosstitch until I rummaged around and found it in a plastic bag stored in my grandmother's old trunk. Whew! No idea why the pattern and project were separated during many moves. 

I located the crosstitch I was originally searching for in half a basket, ( it has a lid that I am yet to find), with all the threads and even the cards with the thread attached noting each symbol. But where was the pattern and magnetic board I used to keep note of where I was up to? 

Still no lid to be found but I did find the crosstitch book with the magnetic board still under the page lol. So I photocopied the pattern bits I need to complete and put the book away again. I remember buying this basket specifically for my crosstitch projects and first used it for my petit point. It is quite solid, has not deteriorated and I am still scratching my head as to where I put the lid.  The crosstitch was started around 20 years ago. 

Now to finish it! 


  1. 'Marie Antoinette' is lovely - why haven't you framed her? And the Gum nut deserves finishing too. Does not look like there is much to do. Anyway, enjoy Blessed Be, not much to do there either I suspect. xx

  2. the things you find (and don't find!) great to get them out to finish...

  3. As Fiona says.... The things you find. Have fun stitching and I hope that lids turns up soon.

  4. Oh goodness, you've reminded me of an Olga Gostin cross-stitch house I started 'years' ago! I had finished one and loved it so decided to start another...but then I discovered hand embroidery and quilting, so you can guess why the second one was never completed. Blossom used to cross-stitch as well, and now I think about it she was working on an Olga Gostin house too. I must dig them out... ;-)
    Have fun completing yours, Ondrea.

  5. Amazing what is found in a search for something else. Let us know when and where the lid turns up.



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