Sunday 30 July 2023



Oh dear! I found the other half of the basket I was looking for, except it was the bottom, not the top and it had another unfinished crosstitch in it. I love this crosstitch but, sadly, I don't think it shall ever be finished because I cannot find the pattern anywhere.  If anyone knows an avid crosstitcher that could possibly identify the designer I might be able to search the internet for the original pattern. They say there is always hope. I really love the colours.

Meanwhile I have tried to get back to this crosstitch and I am struggling to see properly stitching the little dress hanging up next to the cotton reels. There are 3 shades...white, an ecru, and a cream colour....soooooo hard to see on the background. I have completed the basket handle on the shelf, hanging cotton reels and the pink bow on the wreath. Oh, the apple too.I had forgotton how slow progress is when doing crosstitch. 

On Monday I finally got out and about to buy a new tallboy for a bedroom and a floor rug. Both are years overdue and the current tallboy was my daughter's from age 2 and has handles missing and very stiff drawers. I spotted JB Hi Fi and decided to replace my Pink Floyd ' Dark Side of the Moon' album that I gave to my daughter when she bought a turntable. I threw my turntable out when I could no longer find new needles to buy anywhere! Now the shop has turntables and records on sale again! Anyhoo, it is the album's 50th Anniversary this year but when I listen to it I am a teenager again.  Anyone remember it? The CD cover is just the same.


  1. I used to listen to that cd all the time! I hope you have some help with the cross stitch. The one you are working on is looking good, those colours are hard to see!

  2. Such a pretty alphabet, what a shame about the pattern being missing. Had you noticed that there is no I? The one you are working on is coming along nicely - you don't have to be a slave to the pattern colours you know, you could use something a little darker for the dress!
    Love that album, enjoy. xx

  3. goodluck with the cross stitch........maybe you could just make it up for the missing grid? It is pretty........

  4. Those cross stitches are lovely..... I hope you can find a pattern . Its fun with vinyl records again! my son has quite a nice collection - he loves playing the records...

  5. Have you tried a pair of reader specs, I pop some on over my 'normal' specs when stitching, a good light is a must too. I'll ask in the NZ cross stitch groups on FB, someone may be able to help with the alphabet designer.
    Tony is a Floyd fan and still has a lot of his original vinyl.

  6. That is such a sweet cross stitch that you are working on. Hopefully you can find the pattern or someone come to your rescue with the other one.

  7. hallo, ik ga elke vrijdag in een groep, kruisjessteek naaien. Mijn verantwoordelijke heeft jouw oproep gezien en ze heeft het patroon die jij zoekt. Moest ook deze gegevens doorgeven = Pat Rogers/Ella's Sampler ref Nr PR 4.
    Hopelijk ben je hiermee geholpen

  8. Beautiful cross stitch projects Ondrea and I hope someone can identify that pattern for you as it is a very pretty design. I can remember dark side of the moon.... definitely my era!



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