Sunday 30 June 2024



After much ironing I finally framed the Pokemon crosstitch but fiddling with it to frame left more creases so I am not very happy. Fortunately, my grandson loves it! His bedroom is about to be repainted so it will be a welcome new addition to his wall. 

My current crosstitch is nearly completed but I still can't spend a lot of time on it due to my wrist problems. So, I am being very patient. ( Sorry, the crosstitch wasn't on a flat surface for the pic). 

At long last I finished my knitted basket weave scarf yeaterday.

Oh dear! That pic is not too good either. Sorry! 

I hope to finish the crosstitch this week and get back to finishing the crocheted blooms project I was doing a while ago. Whoops! Got to go. The dryer is calling me.

Sunday 16 June 2024



The past week or so I have cleaned out 4 drawers, 3 cubicles and my drawers of colour coded scaps for applique. A basket full of patterns and other useful things are boxed ready to take to the OpShop, a lot of stuff has been binned and other things put in recycling. I sorted through my scraps for appliques , tossing out teeny tiny bits and putting the rest in zip lock bags for each colour for my grandson's kindergarten. Here are the drawers I kept them in ...

and here they all are packaged ready to go in a huge bag..

The drawers are going to a new home...eventually.

I have been knitting my new scarf but can only do about 10 rows at a time to ease my wrist pain.

Slow progress has been made with my crosstitch but there is not much more to do.

I made a committment to myself to clean out one drawer a day in my sewing room and I have stuck to it so far. Now that I have read all your posts and done mine I am off into the sewing room to do today's. I wonder which one it will be. Happy crafting! 

Sunday 2 June 2024


 With the cooler weather upon us I quite enjoy doing some crochet and finished my scarf quite quickly. It is folded over twice for the pic so it is actually 4 times longer .

I loved this yarn so much that I bought another ball in different colours and decided to dust off my knitting needles to knit a scarf this time. I didn't want just a plain pattern so I am knitting a basket weave. 

A little more progress has been made with my crosstitch.

More cleanups in my sewing room have been happening. I have cleaned out 3 drawers and even found some long lost blocks I thought had gone forever. One of those empty drawers now has all my crosstitch stuff in it. I am getting rid of more fabric , patterns, and stitcheries I have done. It is hard to know what to do with it all as Op Shops sometimes send fabric for rags and books to be pulped! When I have sorted more fabric I shall put pics on here to see if anyone would like some. 

Happy crafting.


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