Sunday 29 September 2019


It has been a while since I picked up needle and thread due to a constant headache which lasted for over a week. Then I lost my stitching mojo and my projects , so close to being finished, were left unattended until now.  I have been fiddling with my hexie table topper borders trying to mitre the corners. I slip stitched 2 into place and have the other 2 pinned. Any ideas for the hand quilting once sandwiched?

Gee, some of those flowers disappear in that pic! Too many light value fabrics I suspect. Too late now.

This afternoon I found some Christmas stitching I had started earlier this year. Or was it last year? Hmmmm. So, I have been stitching this block the past hour or so.

And.....I finished another book. I love Philippa Gregory's books and this is her newest one which may be the 1st of a new series. I must look at her website.

Angel Blessings.

Monday 9 September 2019


I am almost embarrassed to have so many unfinished quilts stashed away. So many, that I can't even remember when I started them. I usually put labels on my quilts which state the year of completion but it will give a somewhat misguided concept of an incredibly productive year if I date all my completed UFOs 2019.  Here is my Red Brolly UFO pieced together. Ignore the background fabric I have layed it on. I was auditioning border fabrics from my stash but, alas, have none suitable. Ah well, another trip to the quilt shop.

I have made progress needle turning my hexie table topper to border strips. I figured I would try to work out how to do it prior to putting borders on my Little Lucy EPP quilt. Thanks to some sewing friends I think we have worked it out. I found it quite strange that there were no instructions on You Tube how to actually finish the borders on EPP quilts. They just showed how to finish the edges by needle turning onto one border or cutting the edge and just stitching on binding. There was no videos showing how to attach 4 borders. 

I still need to attach all borders to my other 2 quilts but I couldn't resist checking out my  UFO box this afternoon. 

Angel Blessings.

Thursday 5 September 2019


I apologise for not keeping up with all your blog posts but I have been busy with baby business. My little grandson ( #2) was born on Friday and I have been enjoying lots of cuddles.

A few days prior to the birth I thought I had better get some sewing done before life got extra busy. Having finished "A Gardener's Journal" quilt , one of my UFOs, I decided to start another UFO. This quilt is a Red Brolly design called "Cotton Country" and I can't remember how long ago I completed the stitcheries. So, after auditioning fabrics from my stash I cut all the borders for each stitchery ready to sew on. I still have 2 more to prepare.

Yesterday I spent a few hours with my girlfriend measuring, scratching our heads and cutting all the borders for both my quilts. It took ages but would have taken me a lot longer to do it on my own.

My plan is to sew all the borders on asap and make an appointment with my quilter.

I have finished piecing my EPP table topper and have cut borders ready to needleturn it to. I am still a little confused how to join the borders but hope it will all make sense once I reach that point. 

Wish me luck hehehe.

I also finished a very interesting non fiction book that highlights some of Harper Lee's life .

Angel Blessings.


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