Sunday 25 June 2023



Ta da! I finished the blanket last night. The pattern is Lucy's ( Attic 24) Fireside Blanket and I substituted her chosen colours with colours I had in my stash from a few of Lucy's other blankets I have made.  I did fewer border rounds than hers and now I just need to straighten the blanket out somehow, although it doesn't really matter as I am currently feeling quite snuggly beneath it on my sofa. The colours make me feel happy so it is now called "My Happy Blanket". 


I think I am absolutely hooked, no pun intended, on crocheting blankets and have been pondering making Sophie's Universe .  No kits are currently available but I can purchase the book and select my own colours but colour selection is not my forte. 

Before I go I want to acknowledge that a few bloggers are having a stressful time with health issues and some are trying to help elderly parents . I am not alone. I send you all many hugs and am thinking of you. 

Saturday 17 June 2023


Due to more health issues the past fortnight I have only been crocheting the last few days and I am happy to have completed the central part of the blanket and added the 1st border consisting of 2 rounds. However, I only had about 2 inches of the 2nd round left to do when I ran out of the colour. Yep, 2 inches! I had not one single scrap left anywhere to be found. Then I had a brainwave,( rare indeed) , and checked to see how much I had wound on the peg. I keep labelled samples of each colour and brand wound onto wooden pegs like Lucy does( Attic 24). So, thankfully, I had enough from the peg to complete that final 2 inches with a small amount left to wind back onto the peg. WHEW! 

I now realise that the top right block is the same colour as the first border which makes that block look over sized. Hmmmm. Anyhoo, I wanted to use that blue and there is no way I have enough of it to unpull and redo another border as it will need even more yarn. 

Today I started the 1st round of the next border ensuring I have fresh new balls available of each colour I use from now on LOL. It is a mauve, not a pink as the pic seems to show. 

My blog is a bit boring with just crochet happening but I do hope to get back to some UFO quilts soon.  Why is the font size changing????????Sorry.

Sunday 4 June 2023


 Time and energy has been in short supply recently and it has taken me ages to get back to my  'Fireside' crocheted blanket. I had to look at the pattern again re the joining process as I had forgotten since I was last working on it. There is no pre planning of colour selection for each block  as I am using colours from my stash instead of the colours in the original pattern. So, I find myself auditioning colours for each block as I go which is rather frustrating but necessary to ensure I don't have too much of one colour in areas on the blanket and that the same colour does not connect in 2 blocks. If it wasn't ' join as you go' it would be easier. 

I have finished another book which is the author's latest one. It is  about women in 1950's Melbourne and certainly depicts the attitude and expectations of women at that time. 

            I hope you are a all enjoying some crafty time.


  The past week or so I have cleaned out 4 drawers, 3 cubicles and my drawers of colour coded scaps for applique. A basket full of patterns ...