Tuesday 22 December 2020



 Drum roll please.....here are the last 2 blocks of the B.O.M hot off the iron. 

The blocks all together....

Once the quilt top is pieced I just need to needle turn a free floating circular stitchery onto it then go fabric hunting for a border. I have cleared part of my table from piles of fabric I used but they have been just shoved in the appropriate drawers which I shall need to tidy up after Christmas. I apologise for the blurred pic but my tablet is in a cover which I have to hold open while trying to hover it above the quilt and balance myself. Thus my toes included.

May you all have a wonderful safe and happy Christmas with a happier and healthier New Year ahead. Thankyou to those who sent me lovely cards and handmade decos.  

Sunday 13 December 2020



This past week has been another slow one with lace added to another block and some oval needle turning which I just couldn't seem to get right.

This book didn't take long to read as it is rather small but John certainly got his very valid points across .  

Meet my new reindeer. Each year I buy a new reindeer so my grandsons can count them and find the newest one. This one took my eye. 

May your Christmas be shared with family and friends and the New Year bring happier and healthier times.



Sunday 6 December 2020



This week I don't have much to show as I haven't been stitching much. My enthusiasm seems to wane when I come to the fabric selection process and the machine sewing stage. I have piles of fabric on the table that I have used in the B.O.M as well as those that may be used so I can see what is already in the quilt . If I put them away after use I would inevitably find myself doubling up . Trying not to place the same fabric too close to where it is in another block and making sure the same colours are not gathered in one area is a challenge. Thus the reason I dislike fabric auditioning.  However, I have handstitched some lace onto 2 blocks making sure it doesn't lift and have a couple more blocks to do . 

I enjoyed Victoria Purman's book "The Landgirls" so thought I would read a couple more of hers. I just finished this one last night.

I have been very slack with Christmas gift making this year and I don't think I will be able to meet the deadline. One would think that having been in lockdown for 8 months I would have had plenty of opportunity. Nope! 

I hope you are keeping safe and well.



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