Sunday 26 May 2024



My crochet shawl journey is complete. The final stitches were done last night and the ends sewn in. I wasn't happy with the blunt raw edge on the long side which was also a bit taut so I finished it off with slip stitches like the triangular sides but added a chain between each slip stitch to loosen it a bit and I am very happy with the result.

I had to buy another ball of yarn to finish it so I am using the rest to crochet a scarf using the same pattern but with a smaller hook. I used size 5 hook for the shawl and am using my usual size 4 for the scarf.  

When I went back to the wool shop to buy the extra yarn I couldn't resist buying another ball in different colourways for another scarf. Stand by for the next exciting episode. 

I have made further progress on my latest crosstitch which I plan to continue working on today as my wrists are a bit sore from doing so much crochet.

So that is my week's crafty progress. I shall pop over to see what you have been up to soon.

Sunday 19 May 2024



Although I haven't yet framed the last crosstitch I started a new one. This is another small patchwork themed one that I bought online .

I am really enjoying combining my love of patchwork with crosstitch. While researching framing techniques I came across a product called 'sticky board' which is an acid free board to mount the embroidery or crosstitch onto before putting it in the frame. Has anyone used this? I was just going to cut a bit of cardboard to size but the sticky board demos looked interesting.

My crocheted shawl is growing and I am considering making a scarf with the same yarn next.

The days are getting cooler so I love crocheting with the shawl draping on my lap.

Happy crafting. 

Sunday 12 May 2024


My grandson's crosstitch was finished last night so it is ready to iron and frame. I haven't framed my own crosstitches for decades so it will be interesting to see how I go. I think some You Tube browsing shall be happening.

My local wool shop, the only one down here now, recently moved to a much larger premises which is a delight to browse in.  I have been wanting to crochet myself a shawl to drape over my shoulders while sitting watching TV and stitching , crocheting or knitting.  A trip to the wool shop resulted in purchasing some yummy yarn and my shawl is in progress.

I feel so lucky that the wool shop moved and expanded because the only alternative would be online or Spotlight which is a half hour away. Even Lincraft closed. 2 Target shops closed and became major supermarkets and now Target is also a half hour away in a large shopping centre . 

Now onto my next crosstitch....hmmmmm which one shall I start? I have 3 prepared . 

Sunday 5 May 2024



My 2 grandsons have requested a Pokemon crosstitch each. I am half way through stitching a character named  Articuno which I have had to write down because the only character I can ever remember is Pikachu . My eldest grandson has a very thick enyclopedia of Pokemon characters which he proudly shows me many times explaining what each one does and what type it is. 


I finally finished another book. Reading has not been as enjoyable for me lately as I can't read more than a chapter or 2 without feeling too tired. However, I am still stocking my 'to read' shelf with a few books in the hope that my avid reading shall return. I have always enjoyed reading since I was a child so I feel quite disappointed with myself.

I am always interested to see what others are reading and often take note of books you have enjoyed. Some of you love the same authors as I do. So, I am off to catch up with your latest posts now. 


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