Sunday 24 October 2021



After much ado about my table topper's wonky borders I came up with a solution. Thankyou for your suggestions as I had thought of them myself but was a little unsure. However, I decided to trim back those pesky side borders by 1/ 4 " and then stitched the binding  3/ 8ths ". As usual, I stuffed up the binding join ( I think I will go back to my easier way...just stitching binding to the 4 sides separately), so the end result is not exactly straight. The topper just needs a bit of ironing and starching now to help ease the puckering.

       The 2nd botanical embroidery is almost finished. I         discovered that I am not that adept at stem stitch but improved as I went along.

                             My blanket is slowly growing.

Although I have some new books to read I had a desire to re read a book I had in High School. I read it in Form 4 about 50 years ago. ( I guess it would now be Secondary College and Year10??? ). The pages have browned with age and some of the print has faded but I am still enjoying it, although a bit dated. I only have a few pages left to read .

 Do you have any books you enjoyed at school?

Well, with Covid restrictions eased here in Vic it is more like Christmas time down here with streams of cars on the freeway heading here and people everwhere. Last night some idiot was letting off fireworks, music was blarring 
and people were standing outside laughing and yelling out before driving off. On a happier note I had a lovely day on Friday with my daughter and 2 grandsons. My happy hormones are now pumping again. I hope you are all enjoying some time with family and friends.

Sunday 10 October 2021



Once again,  I promised myself I would finish a UFO. I had hand quilted the centre of this EPP table topper and put it aside to contemplate how I wanted to quilt the borders. So, I happily revisited this project and decided to hand quilt simple straight lines along each border leaving about an inch from each mitred corner because each edge would not meet up properly. Done! Now to trim and bind. Nooo, not that easy! The quilt is wonky. As you can see, when trimmed correctly the batting is included as the border. I don't know what to do. Any ideas?? 

My botanical stitchery is ready to frame in the hoop.

                                 The blanket is growing.

And another book is finished. I learnt a bit of Aussie history I never knew about in this novel. I love reading authors' notes in the back of books.

We are entering ( I think) our 10th week of lockdown here in Victoria. I hear NSW is opening up so keep safe and well.

Sunday 3 October 2021



I think I have found a balance of craft vs household chores this past week . My Christmas table topper gift for my family friend in the UK was a joy to stitch.

I decided to frame them all in red and make the centre green. I kept the centre plain so a candle, ornament or a dish of Christmas snacks can be placed on it.  Before I stitched them together I pondered which way to have each stitchery facing. I played with them each facing out from the centre but finally decided to have them all facing the same way. 

When I ordered my yarn from the UK I also added two stitchery kits to my order that I have been eyeing off for a while. Although I have been stitching forever, I thought kits would be fun and all I had to do was iron stabiliser to the back because that is what I like to do. This embroidery is done using 3 strands of thread which is unusual for me but I am pleased with the results so far. 

My crochet is growing. Hmmmm it looks a bit weird in the pic. No idea why.

I finished this book which is the sequal to Tidelands. I think this is the 20th Philippa Gregory book I have read. 


I was just notified by text that one of the books I ordered is arriving today. Yey! My 3rd Sunday delivery. The fabrics I bought to make pillowslips for my grandsons are washed and dry ready to iron. Hmmm, decisions...stitchery, crochet or pillowslips today? I hope you are all keeping safe and well. Thankyou for stopping by.



  Brrrr it is cold! I suppose it is not as cold as many other places and we have had a fairly good winter so far but my body does not enjoy ...