Saturday 21 March 2020


One thing that crafters need not fear is isolation. Given the current situation I am amazed how some people are worrying about how they will pass the time in isolation. I know I spend a lot of time at home but I think a lot of quilters and stitchers crave the opportunity to spend more time with needle and thread.  It is also the perfect opportunity to use fabrics from our stash and to complete some UFOs. I was thrilled to pick up my 2 quilts that I had finally pieced together , one a UFO. I clearly haven't ironed this one yet.

I chose this text fabric for the backing. A talking point.

An Angels Story was made with my intention of making it from start to finish without putting it aside and becomming a UFO. Yey! I did it and it feels so good.

Progress on my little quilt has been slow and I still need to trace and cut pieces for the final row. However, I did get the urge to start stitching some blocks . Each block is 2 inches. One row has been completed.

Being constantly bombarded with grim news we choose not to listen to the radio or watch tv much and just keep updated without focusing on it all day. My little munchkins always bring me joy and put a smile on my face. It looks like little brother already has the upper hand.

Stay safe, don't panic, and enjoy extra stitching time.

Angel Blessings.

Friday 6 March 2020


I had my little sewing group here today, my only monthly social activity. As I only have projects to be finished on the sewing machine or to have fabric auditions I wondered what I could sew today while chatting. Ah, another little quilt! Just the thing to get me back into stitching. So, I selected my Civil War repros from my stash for the first 5 rows a couple of days ago and have now cut the fabrics for the first 2 rows to be hand pieced. 

I have read another book! Couldn't put it down. It is Christian White's second novel. I read his first one, " The Nowhere Child" when it was first released and quite enjoyed that one but this one was exceptional . I never saw the double twist coming. Another great Aussie author.

Thankyou for visiting. 

Angel Blessings.


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