Monday 25 September 2023



I have done a little bit more of my owl crosstitch, mainly the owl on the left  but you probably won't note much difference from the last pic. I have done some definition outlines and filled in small gaps with single stitch colour , some 2 stitches or just 3. I dislike this fiddly part of doing crosstitch. However, I am on the home stretch with just the owl on the far right to finish after this one.

Meanwhile, I decided to pick up my crochet hook and some yarn in my stash to make some 8" squares for charity blankets. I chose to make solid granny squares but may make some different ones as well. 

I think they look quite pretty and happy colours. Perfect during Springtime. I have many other colours in my stash, quite a selection really,  all Stylecraft Special DK from the many CALs I have done, mainly from Attic 24. I love this particular yarn so much that when I was tidying up and tossing stuff out  I sorted many other remnants of yarns and gave them to others to knit for charity but kept mostly this particular one. 

Now back to finishing that crosstitch!

Happy stitching. 

Tuesday 19 September 2023



I have missed a post as I was not well and hadn't really done much stitching. A Tuesday post is unusual for me but it is now or who knows when. I need to catch up on all your latest blog posts too.

I have made progress with my owls the last few days and I may be able to finish it in time to be framed for Christmas. 

I have read 2 books. I absolutely loved Salem Street, the 1st of a series. I now have the 2nd book on my shelf ready to read and have ordered the 3rd one.

However, you win some, you lose some. I bought this book below, but found it to be extremely boring. For the first time in my reading life I flicked through several pages trying to get to the point. There seemed to be so much ado about nothing but maybe that was just the mood I was in . So this one is heading to the Op Shop....not a keeper. Someone else may enjoy it. 

Sleepless nights, early cat rising mornings and pain have prevented me from doing much lately but I have improved the past couple of days. Freya, our furry house guest shall be going home soon when her family return later this week from their 3 week holiday travelling with their caravan. I am happier now that I went to Bunnings yesterday and bought some plants for my verandah which I shall finish planting this afternoon.  Life is always brighter with a few coloured blooms. 

May your days be filled with the things you most enjoy.

I just read my post and have no idea why the text size keeps changing. Sorry.

Monday 4 September 2023



We have a house daughter's beautiful cat, Freya. Freya's family have gone away for a couple of weeks so I can enjoy having a purring snuggly cat around again. 

Most of the time she is very well behaved but sometimes she gets in places she is not supposed to go. She knocked over photos of my grandsons while leaping up you think it is payback for them leaving her a while?

Unfortunately, she sheds lots of fur all year round and I am constantly rollering ( the sticky roller technique) my clothes and couch . Fur has even got onto my crosstitch but at least she doesn't swipe at my threads as I stitch . Here is my progress.

The day started out sunny and it was supposed to be around 22 degrees...wrong! The sunshine was lovely so I hung a load of towels out to dry instead of putting them in the dryer. Well, the sun disappeared a couple of hours ago and it is quite cool outside. The towels had not started to dry so it was a complete waste of my time hanging them outside. The dryer is now on. Ah well, I am told it is going to be a very hot summer so I guess there will be plenty of outdoor drying time coming up. 

Happy stitching, knitting, crocheting and all things crafty.


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