Thursday 29 March 2018


              I have completed the 2nd EPP fussy cut block for the back of the folder I am making.

The next step is to needle turn both blocks to some background fabric which is a border fabric with a vertical pattern.  This fabric is fussy cut into 8 large triangles.
4 of these triangles make this. ( I have not stitched them together yet).
Here's the problem.... there is much more fabric than pictured above yet I still only managed to cut 6 triangles with the repeat pattern. I could not work out how to get 8 no matter how I tried. So, now I am hoping that Sandy has some of this fabric left to make the 2 triangles required to complete this project.  Fingers and toes crossed. Why oh why do I keep challenging myself with this fussy cutting ?
Hope you have had more success with your stitching.
Angel Blessings.

Tuesday 27 March 2018


It's Anthea's EPP Tuesday and I am actually on time. I have been happily stitching the front and back blocks for the folder I am making .  The first block took a bit of time but the second one seems to have come together rather quickly. I just need to stitch the last round and then both blocks get needle turned to the fabric pictured which shall also be fussy cut.
Meanwhile, back in the sewing room, I am about to put the borders on my munchkin's quilt and I must get back to my "An Angel's Story" blocks. EPP is a bit addictive.
Angel Blessings.   

Saturday 24 March 2018


I have had a pleasant day stitching while watching a couple of movies on Netflix. I did all the housework yesterday and my plan to pot some plants did not eventuate as I did not like the idea of going outside when it was cool and wet. I knew the rain was coming last night because my muscles told me so. I am pleased to say that I have made further progress on my EPP.

I finished reading another book. This one is also by an Australian author but it took me a while to get used to her writing style and I think that may have interfered with my enjoyment of the book.
I hope you are enjoying a day of stitching.
Angel Blessings.

Wednesday 21 March 2018


It seems ages since I last posted and that's because it probably is.  I have been struggling with the Kaleidoscope block but have been piecing it despite the awful mess I made of the fussy cutting.

To get me back on track I decided to start making the EPP blocks for the "Queen of Prep Folder" that I purchased from Shiralee Stitches. I found this fussy cutting to be far less stressful and also realised that using a glue pen was essential for realigning miscalculations rather than undoing thread basting. However, my discovery was short lived when I had to refill the pen. It was a hot day and as I was inserting the new glue stick it melted and broke off. I have yet to buy more refills so there is still a lot of thread basting happening. These fabrics are not my usual taste but they were in the kit and it is nice to try something a bit different occasionally.
Last week I made a spontaneous decision to go and visit my youngest daughter for a few days up town. She was home for the week after resigning from her very stressful job so we had a wonderful time catching up. On Tuesday we went into the city which I haven't visited for at least a decade. I wanted to see the famous L'uccello vintage haberdashery store while I was there . I must admit I was a little disappointed as I thought there would be more things but I did find some fabrics. I love the old fashioned paper bag .
I hope you are having some lovely stitching days.
Angel Blessings.

Tuesday 6 March 2018


 I am a day early but I wanted to be part of Anthea's EPP Tuesdays ( see right sidebar for the link). As I have no idea if I shall have time to post tomorrow I thought I would share my Kaleidoscope block progress now.  Do not look too closely at the central part ( yeah, now you will deliberately look hehehe) as I have stuffed  the fussy cutting up. I had no more fabric left so I just did it anyway. I figure I shall make this block into a table mat so I can cover the centre bit with a vase or candle so no one will see it.

I am still building this new blog with gadgets so please be patient with me.
Angel Blessings


  The past week or so I have cleaned out 4 drawers, 3 cubicles and my drawers of colour coded scaps for applique. A basket full of patterns ...