Monday 26 July 2021



It was time for another clean up in my sewing room. I have done a few big cleanups over the past couple of years so I am scratching my head trying to work out why I still have so much to get rid of. I sorted through heaps of fat 1/4s and other fabric that have not been used in years and found a lovely home for them where they will be used.  I have accumulated 10 binders of printed patterns and magazine patterns over many many years which have never been used so I ended up getting rid of them all. Wow! My recycling bin is now rather heavy. I shall take the binders and plastic sleeves to the Op Shop when it reopens.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered 2 packs of 10 Cosmo threads which were on sale. 

So, this afternoon I unravelled them all and wound them onto those cardboard spools to go in my Cosmo thread box. I have been slowly accumulating Cosmo threads because they are lovely and silky compared to the newer DMC threads. I have collected and used DMC threads for about 45 years and the older ones were much better than in recent years. 

Block 7 of Jennifer's BOM was released yesterday. So, back to stitching again.

I think I needed the break and enjoyed some crochet but it feels good stitching again. 

Keep safe and well.

Sunday 18 July 2021



After much scratching of head and reading the instructions repeatedly I finally worked out how to put my stars together. 

Then the fillers.

Voila! Now  I just need to block it so the stars actually look like stars. I have never blocked crochet before so wish me luck.

After success with this project I decided to try another little table topper from the book. This definately requires blocking too.

I love the projects in the book but some of the instructions were incorrect . I am no crochet expert but I managed to work out the problems.

My predicted inevitable lockdown saw me buying lots of cotton yarn in preparation this time. They say 5 days but I suspect it will be longer. My holiday neighbours have chosen to stay because they were already here which is perfectly within the regulations but they had visitors dropped off and welcomed into their home a couple of hours ago. My parents had 2 lots of holiday neighbours come down yesterday , which is not part of the regs. So, thanks to people like that,  we may see ourselves enduring further restrictions.  There are clearly a lot of people who believe restrictions do not apply to them.  

I have stepped off my soap box again now  and hope you are all enjoying some crafty time while in lockdown.


Saturday 10 July 2021


 As I took a pic of my crochet progress Samantha's expression from Bewitched instantly came to mind. Thus the title of this post. Funny how things from long ago stick with us . Despite a couple of small mistakes along the way I am happy with my stars and have now started the joining process. 

I haven't done any more stitching as I am enjoying crocheting but I do need to get back to piecing some blocks soon. So many UFOs await my attention. Thanks for popping in.

Sunday 4 July 2021



I haven't posted for a while as I simply had nothing to show. Projects in progress were slow to grow while I had little ability to focus on much due to headaches and lack of sleep . Running the household was my main priority which left me little energy for anything else.  

With a spurt of energy I am enthusiastically trying some new crochet .  I really needed to use cotton yarn for this project but couldn't get to the wool shop so I have used left over acrylic yarns instead.  " Blooming Lotus " square is from Sisters in Stitch with a free pattern and tutorial. The acrylic yarn isn't as good but for a trial run it does the trick.

                           I bought another crochet book. 

I have made a start on one of the projects in the book after I finally bought a few balls of cotton yarn on Friday.


Remember the cushion cover I crocheted a while ago? I bought a cushion insert when I was shopping for the yarns and finished it off on Friday night.

Block 6 of " Simple Days" was a delight to stitch. I am in the process of piecing the blocks but, as usual, it seems to take me forever choosing what fabric goes where.

 I promise to pop over to your blogs soon . Thankyou so much for visiting me.


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