Sunday 28 July 2019


Now that my angel quilt is awaiting borders I decided to rummage through my UFOs to find another quilt I had started a few years ago. It is another lovely quilt by Anni Downs called "A Gardener's Journal". I had done all the stitcheries, cut them back to the correct size and had even cut all the fabric pieces and put them in zip lock bags. So organised! Well, errr,umm, maybe not. As I read through the instructions and sorted through the completed stitcheries I realised that I was one short. "No way , it must be somewhere. " I thought. Wrong! I have definately forgotten to do one block.  I had all the fabrics together in the box but I still cannot find the background fabric to stitch on. So, it seems I will have to use a different fabric. Guess what I have put off doing?  However, I have forged ahead and completed Block A.

This afternoon I started Block B.

Now that I have border fabric for my  "Little Lucy" EPP quilt I just need to cut the border strips and then try to figure out how to finish it all off after needle turning the EPP edges onto them. 

I hope you have had a pleasing productive weekend too.

Angel Blessings.

Saturday 20 July 2019


Today was THE day. I was determined to piece more of my angel quilt. I resisted the temptation to soak up some vitamin D which I am very deficient in and ignored the rare beautiful sunny day outside.  My sewing room was warm and bright as I sewed and listened to a podcast. Now, I know I always refer to this quilt as "my angel quilt" when , infact, it is called " An Angels Story" by Anni Downs. I have had the book/pattern for years. So, here are 3 more blocks completed.

Well, you know how things sometimes go very right and you feel like you are getting somewhere? That was me this afternoon. I was so enthused that I nearly finished sewing the whole quilt together. Only one little bit left to sew there between 2 parts.

And then it happened! A surge of confidence lead to sewing that final bit and voila!

Not a great pic but you get the idea. Lol, ignore my munchkin's train in the background. I was balancing on the sofa trying to get an overhead shot.

This morning after doing the necessary household tasks like cleaning the shower and doing the washing , I sat and did some more crochet. My Dune lap blanket is about two thirds finished.

I have been eating too much of contraband food lately and subsequently had another gastritis attack a few days ago. Self inflicted. So, this morning I made myself a yummy slice with ingredients I can safely eat. I have made it several times and altered the original recipe to suit me. 

Thankyou for visiting. 

Angel Blessings.

Monday 15 July 2019


It has been a really wet and windy weekend here. I think we had continuous rain for about 48 hours and the winds were quite strong. Perfect weather for stitching and crocheting. I had no sewing time on Saturday but I  did complete Part C of my angel quilt yesterday. Unfortunately, I think I may need to unpick the middle row of squares as they do not match up properly and create a problem with the row on the right hand side.

Today I started on the next part of the quilt but after getting up and down off the floor several times trying to select squares to a ttach to the next block I ran out of oomph. I can't be bothered setting the sewing machine up and I am so tired that I know I will just create a huge unpicking project. I think I will stick to crochet.

                                              Angel Blessings

Saturday 6 July 2019


A delightful afternoon was spent piecing part B of my angel quilt. So far, everything seems to be coming together nicely. Fingers crossed for the rest of the quilt.

Now that my confidence had been lifted I started part C but didn't get too far due to fading natural light.

During the week I have been hand piecing my little Civil War quilt and one row is finished. ( I had trouble with a block in row 1 so I stitched row 2 and shall return to the first row later). It may look a little wonky but it will be okay once ironed.

I am happy to say that some lovely border fabric for my Little Lucy EPP quilt is arriving next week so I am looking forward to finally finishing the quilt top. It will be good having a few finished projects this year although there are still plenty more UFOs waiting in boxes.

Angel Blessings.

Tuesday 2 July 2019


Since my last post I have been making slow progress on a few projects but the last couple of days have seen me mostly reading as I have been feeling quite unwell with a bad throat, earache and sore neck. So, after a bit of a lull with reading I have completed another book and I loved it. Infact, I couldn't put it down. I have read another book of Fiona's but this one really hooked me,

Last week I enjoyed making some more hexie flowers which now total 19.  I am still unsure how I want to arrange them for a table topper despite spending ages playing with them.

Part 2 of my angel quilt has been added to the bottom of part one. So now Part A is complete.

            The Dune blanket is growing.

I decided to get back to another little Civil War quilt I had started a while ago.

 Thanks for visiting. May your day be filled with joy. Angel blessings.


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