Sunday 26 February 2023



While I was waiting for the Springfrost blanket border instructions I started another crochet project from Lucy's blog ( Attic 24) using my own colours. I am still unsure how it will look but have kept on crocheting hoping I can figure out the colourways as I go. 

After waiting 2 weeks for the border instructions to be released I got started last night and the 3rd row is in progress with 4 more to go. I have used a different colour than specified for the 1st row . 

I have not done any stitching this week but I have found some fabric for a UFO's border so hopefully I will have some to show next blog post if life doesn't get in the way.

Happy stitching.

Sunday 19 February 2023



Some more needleturning on my UFO has been happening and I have completed 2 more blocks.

Here is where the problems begin. 2 of the hearts have been trimmed too far down the middle of the heart at the top. The heart pictured on the right is one of them. I have over sewn the slit but it is very noticable and shall  probably fray. Hmmm, maybe a button to cover? Shall worry about that later. 


I was happily needleturning this afternoon when I realised  the block had gathered and been caught underneath resulting in being sewn as well. I should be grateful I didn't stitch it to my pants! 

I thought I would start cutting the fabric for the 2 plain blocks in the quilt. However, whoever cut the fabrics for the kit managed to cut a couple an eigth of an inch short which means I can't cut 2" squares from it.  Fortunately, I have some fabric from this line in my stash which will match okay...I think. 

With another week left to wait for the crocheted blanket border instructions and more yarn on order from the UK for my grandson's blanket, I have started another crochet project from Attic 24. I won't say what it is yet incase my version of colour combinations doesn't work. I am using my yarn stash.

Well, having put the last needleturning block aside, I am now sipping a glass of champers watching the 20th anniversary eps of Kath and Kim while hubby is in bed on meds again. Gotta get a laugh from somewhere! 

Sunday 12 February 2023


Oh dear! I have really enjoyed the CAL and I managed to keep up with each week. However, my lap size rows have been completed and I have to wait 2 weeks for the border instructions. Not happy! I was momentarily tempted to do my own border but decided to be more patient.

 My 3 year old grandson wants me to make him a green blanket, his favourite colour. When my now 6 year old grandson was around 2 and a half I made him a blanket in blues, his favourite colour . I crocheted the Dune blanket pattern slightly smaller ( still available on Lucy's blog at Attic 24). So, I am going to make the green one using the latest CAL design. I made a sample using the green yarns I have but I am not really happy with the colourways.  Looks like I need to order some more greens. 

While I am patiently?? waiting to do some more crochet I have been needleturning . 4 blocks are done.

Now I am contemplating starting another crocheted blanket while I await more green yarn and the border instructions as I need hand projects to do when I finish the needleturning . 

I always need to keep my hands busy in the evenings while watching tv or streaming shows. Do you?

Sunday 5 February 2023



Last week I showed you the cute hearts which I had completed some time ago from a kit I bought at Lynette Anderson's "  The Little Quilt Shop " which I visited while on a holiday up in Queensland. The shop only exists online now.  During the week I cut all the fabric pieces ready to make the blocks and kept individual block pieces together in this basket I often use for projects. I prefer to have everything prepared so I can easily see what needs to be pieced together. 

Late yesterday afternoon I sewed all the blocks ready to needleturn the hearts onto.

It has been so cold here that I really enjoyed sitting crocheting my blanket with it keeping my legs warm. We have the heating on! 

Week 5 of the CAL has begun and I only have 2 more rows to do for my lap sized blanket. Then I have to wait for the border instructions. 

I have almost finished sewing all the ends in and with only 2 more stripes to crochet it looks like I shall be focusing on my Woodland Secrets needleturning this week. 


  The past week or so I have cleaned out 4 drawers, 3 cubicles and my drawers of colour coded scaps for applique. A basket full of patterns ...