Monday 27 July 2020


Thank goodness for " I Stitch" BOM. I am so pleased that I eventually succumbed as it has proven to be good therapy for me. Each day I hear my holiday neighbours coming and going several times a day despite there only being 4 reasons to go out during lockdown. I wonder where they go as I am not permitted to visit my daughter and grandsons only 15 minutes away, nor my parents only 10 minutes away unless dropping off their shopping or care giving. Obviously there are different rules for holiday people who relocated for lockdown despite being told not to. Our numbers of Covid 19 cases are rising here and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to work out a likey reason. Bah humbug!  

So, I have been enjoying some stitching.  I have pieced part of the 1st block but need to cut some squares and circles for the top and left side.

The stitcheries for March have been finished.

April's well on the way.

I have been rummaging through my  fabric remnants I keep for applique trying to find pieces suitable for those squares and circles I mentioned. Maybe I will have at least one block finished soon. 

As they say ,( whoever"they" are)....keep stitching and carry on.

Angel Blessings.

Friday 24 July 2020


A new fashion trend has emerged since masks are now compulsory here.  Disposable masks are very popular as they can be disposed of after one wear but that will certainly add to the budget and environmental issues. Wear and wash ones are all over the internet to purchase although long delays may be a problem. I was surprised to see people wearing some beautiful and amusing home made masks when I was shopping on Wednesday.  I decided to make my own with ties as the ones with elastic tend to slip over my eyes every time I look down . After much internet searching I finally found, what I consider, to be the easiest tutorial which is Missouri Star Quilters'  You tube tutorial. As I was only using fabric in my stash , the only problem was finding matching fabric for the ties as it requires 40" lengths by 2 1/2". I discovered some black homespun in a drawer for my first mask.

I had a few lovely comments from people in the supermarket. 

My daughter ordered some online from a local girl  but wouldn't receive them in time so I made 2 for her . I texted pics of various fabrics to her and she chose these.

That pink looking one is actually lilac and the ties were made from strips left over from my angel quilt joined lengthways. I was lucky to find a length of the white and blue floral in a drawer to make the ties on the blue one. They fit really well.

I remember reading that Parisian women carried beautiful gas mask boxes during the war instead of all being the same.

Much stitching has been happening here.  I finished the January stitcheries for the BOM.

February's also done.

I started one of March's.

The April ones have been traced.

I really need to start piecing the first 2 blocks or else I will end up with a box of stitcheries stashed away. I am trying really hard to not to that again.

I finished this book last night. It is a different style of book for me but it was quite enjoyable. The chapters are brief, the story slowly unfolds about the main character at a lovely pace and the end completely surprised me. I did guess something else though. Not telling! 

Angel Blessings.

Saturday 18 July 2020


Both this year and last year were all about completing UFOs while promising myself that I would finish any new projects I started instead of adding them to the UFO pile. So far, so good,  apart from my hexie table topper which awaits some more hand quilting. After much oooing and ahhhhing over some bloggers' gorgeous stitching from Gail Pan's " I Stitch" BOM I finally gave in to the constant nagging in my head " do it, do it".  So, I now have 7 months of this BOM to catch up with. 3 months' blocks have been traced and I have stitched 2 of the 1st month's. And, yes, I am loving it so far.

I have needle turned 3 borders onto Little Lucy and shall hopefully finish the last border this weekend.

The borders look wrinkly and uneven but that is only due to me not ironing them for a pic. 

Wishing you a healthy and safe weekend.

Angel Blessings.

Sunday 12 July 2020


Woohooo! I am so pleased to have finished my quilt,  'A Gardener's Journal ' by Anni Downs. I started the stitcheries way back in 2010 and stashed them in a box with  finished stitcheries for other quilts.  So, when I decided to finally piece them together with the fabrics I had chosen for it, I wondered why I never finished back then. Ta it is.

                          And the label...

Yesterday I took the plunge and cut the border strips for Little Lucy. For those who don't know, I called it Little Lucy because I only made 12 blocks of Lucy Boston's 'Patchwork of the Crosses'. They were, and still are, a BOM from Shiralee Stitches.

Last night I started needleturning the top EPP edge.

In my last post I had read another book. When I put that up I had almost finished another book which I completed last night. 

Keep safe and well.


Friday 10 July 2020


Well, we are back to stage 3 lockdown here . No surprise really as I thought it would have been more sensible to stick to stage 3 from the beginning right through winter. Despite Melbournians being told to stay in their main residences for lockdown and NOT to relocate to their holiday homes for lockdown many have chosen to ignore the regulations and we have been inundated again with holiday people. Honestly, I just can't comprehend why people are so complacent and willing to put others' lives at risk. They also contribute to our diminishing our supermarket supplies. Ok, I am stepping off my soap box now, but I needed to vent.

My Zick Zack scarf has gone kaput. After the 8th or 9th attempt, seriously, I admitted defeat, unpulled it and got on with my binding.

I am up to the last side of binding my quilt. Yey! 

Another book has been read .

Thank goodness for good books and stitching.

Keep safe and well.

Angel Blessings.


  The past week or so I have cleaned out 4 drawers, 3 cubicles and my drawers of colour coded scaps for applique. A basket full of patterns ...