Monday 26 August 2019


After my committment to finish some UFOs I have finally pieced the last block of " A Gardener's Journal". I still have no idea why I stashed it away with all the fabrics pieces prepared and the stitcheries all completed... apart from the missing one . Despite not locating the same backing fabric I had used for the stitcheries I think the one I eventually decided to use actually blends in well with all the others. So, here are all the finished blocks I hope to join together soon.

I am looking forward to a  trip to the quilt shop selecting border fabrics for my finished quilt and the hexie table topper which is nearly completed. 

I really need to be organised as my wee bairn , 2nd grandson,  is due very soon and grandma duties will be required enjoying my munchkin and helping out my daughter with the new baby.

Thankyou for visiting.

Angel Blessings.

Sunday 18 August 2019


Brrrr! The last month of winter has been the coldest and the worst time for our heating to go kaput. I am looking forward to our new heating unit being installed tomorrow. I have been making an effort to work on my quilt a couple of hours each day and it is so nice to see it taking shape. Another block is now finished but the bottom edge is a bit wonky.  I shall work out what to do about it later.

Here is the start of a new block.

Now that I have enough EPP flowers made for my table topper I have begun stitching them together in a design I decided on.

The natural light has disappeared now that it is raining again and icey cold. This means that I won't be working on my quilt today but I may be able to keep EPPing.Is that a new word? I hope you are keeping warm and enjoying some stitching.

Angel Blessings.

Saturday 10 August 2019


It was perfect timing when I hooked the final border stitch on my Dune blanket 2 nights ago. Last night found me snuggled under this soft warm blanket clutching a hot water bottle with my legs up on the sofa watching Bloom, a fantastic Aussie TV series. Oh my, was it cold! Once again, our heater was struggling to reach 23 degrees and I don't think it did at all . It is supposedly the last month of winter but I think real winter has just arrived. 

I have been steadily piecing my quilt together and have come to the point where I need to sew that lost or forgotten stitchery . I have started that particular stitchery on a different background as I never did find any remnants of the original one I used but I think it will blend in nicely. Here is a pic of A Gardener's Journal so far.

I have finished a lovely book written by the same author who wrote The German Girl which I also loved.

The continual downpour of rain has ceased and I can see a teensy bit of sunshine out of  my window as I type but it seems to be slowly fading .

Angel Blessings.

Sunday 4 August 2019


Most of my patchwork and crochet projects need borders. There is a great sense of satisfaction when I hook or stitch the last bit but then I realise that the project still needs more ....a border or 2 or 3. The fun? begins. I usually find myself putting these projects in the UFO drawer. Well, this time I went to a patchwork shop as soon as possible to select border fabric for my angel quilt. No UFO happening with this quilt! I came home with 3 fabrics. Turquoise for the first border about an inch wide, pink for the outer border 4 or 5 inches wide, and purple ( yes, I had to have my fav colour in there somewhere), for the binding.

Now I am stressing thinking about cutting all that fabric and trimming the edges of the quilt to make it even. 

I showed you the border fabric for Little Lucy, so that will be 2 quilts nearly finished. Ofcourse, my Dune crocheted blanket will need borders too but at least I have plenty of yarn handy to choose from. Here is my blanket awaiting borders.

I have been enjoyed piecing " A Gardener's Journal" quilt. Part A and B are now complete and I am working on more as you can see.

I finished a wonderful book about the Vietnam orphans airlift to Australia and other countries during the Vietnam war. Unfortunately, the first official airlift came to a tragic end which could have been avoided. 

My sewing room is becomming a bit dark now so my sewing time has come to an end today as I have not yet replaced my lamp. 

Angel Blessings,


  Brrrr it is cold! I suppose it is not as cold as many other places and we have had a fairly good winter so far but my body does not enjoy ...