Sunday 25 October 2020



Come on November! I am now up to date with the B.O.M blocks, yey! Once again much angst was going on choosing fabrics to piece the blocks and I eventually just had to go with the flow. I am not entirely happy with the final choices but I want to complete this project so it doesn't just become another UFO I rediscover in a decade's time. 

I may still decide to add some lace to some blocks but until our shops reopen I do not have much to choose from. The next step is to sew the first 2 rows of blocks together as I am not going to add appliqued squares that I had started to make. 

Looks like I may just have to rummage through my UFOs until the November pattern arrives.

Happy stitching.

Sunday 18 October 2020


 Not much stitching has been happening here this past week but I did finish the last October B.O.M stitchery. All 3 are done.

I chose to not satin stitch the central circle on the top left stitchery . I have also slightly changed the strip of flowers by using several colonial knots in the centres and adding lines on each petal from the centre out. 

It has been another quiet week here apart from health issues and it looks like lockdown restrictions are easing tomorrow so I am looking forward to seeing my grandsons. 

Thanks for visiting and keep safe.

Sunday 11 October 2020



On my last post I had traced the October designs ready to stitch. I have finished the heart and have started the larger one.  Just one more to do.

         I finished reading this book a couple of nights ago.

It is nearly time for me to order some more books as I only have 3 left on the shelf. I started one of them but I am finding it hard to get into. Don't you hate that especially when you have bought the book? Ah well, I shall give it a chapter or 2 and hopefully it will draw me in. 

I have used a slightly smaller font this time so please let me know if it is ok.

Keep safe, keep smiling and happy stitching.

Sunday 4 October 2020



Another week has passed with little stitching done but I am so glad that October's B.O.M arrived. This has been the one project that I have committed to keep up to date . Yesterday I traced the 3 stitcheries and started one of them.

I have needle turned the final border on my Little Lucy quilt and just need to remember how to mitre the corners and needle turn the last bits. Sorry, no pic. 

I have the font on the largest and it looks great when I type. However it is still smallish when I publish it. Any ideas or is it the largest this new blogger has? After each pic is loaded it returns to teeny text and I have to reselect again. Grrrrr.

 I hope some of you are enjoying time with  family and friends unlike many of us here in Vic. The small ease of restrictions hasn't changed anything for me but it looks like many people have abused the ease they have been given.

Stay safe and keep smiling.


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