Sunday 13 June 2021



The cold, wet and windy days were just perfect for snuggling up on the couch and doing more stitching while binging on some tv programs. We were fortunate not to have any damage from the wild weather but many trees were down all over the Peninsula. About 160, 000 people were without power for several days here in Victoria and many of those people are still without power until this coming Friday. I hope everyone in Vic blogland is okay.

I completed all 3 block 5 stitcheries. I  have to iron them again as the hoop I used has left quite a few indentations on the fabric. 


Many Melbournians have come down for the long weekend. Noone seems to care about the 25km radius we are supposed to stay in during this lockdown. With the absence of any authority actually doing anything about it one  wonders why we bother.  

Keep safe.

Sunday 6 June 2021


I am glad that I took a small break from stitching to do some crochet. It was just what I needed.  My enthusiasm for stitching has returned and I have finished all 3 stitcheries for block 4 of  Simple Days.


          I finished reading this book about 10 minutes ago. 


         I am now going to have a cuppa and do some stitching for block 5.  Keep safe.



  Brrrr it is cold! I suppose it is not as cold as many other places and we have had a fairly good winter so far but my body does not enjoy ...