Monday 27 March 2023


I have 3 UFOs in progress at the moment. Little Lucy still needs her borders sewn on and my pandemic quilt (  Wish You Well..Gail Pan) just needs borders cut and sewn on. I also have the Woodland Secrets awaiting sashings. Have I spent time in my sewing room? Nope. I walk in there, take a look, ponder which to tackle first and then walk out again. I guess my sewing mojo has taken a holiday. Thus my crochet progress. 

I am having difficulty trying to work out colour combos and where to place them but I just work it out as I go. I am eager to get back to my grandson's blanket but this one is keeping me busy until the yarn arrives. 

Happy crafting. 

Monday 20 March 2023


Oops...I miscalculated the amount of left over yarns in my stash for my grandson's green blanket. Now I have come to a stand still until more yarn arrives that I ordered yesterday. I still have a few ends to sew in so some progress shall be made. Here is the blanket so far. 


I crocheted the 1st large block of my other crochet in progress . Instructions for this block required turning it to the wrong side to crochet some rounds but I cannot work out why. Any experienced crocheters out there know why? 

All 9 blocks of my quilt have been finished. 7 appliqued and 2 plain patchwork.

When I was sorting out the fabrics for the sashings I realised that they are all very busy patterns and I think the over all quilt really needs some plainer fabrics to make the blocks stand out. I have already decided to do plain borders instead of the busy patchwork borders but it looks like I need to find somewhere to shop for some fabrics, something I haven't done since the pandemic. A lot of quilt shops have closed down here so I shall need to shop online or go to Spotlight.  Wish me luck! 

Sunday 12 March 2023



My 3 year old grandson's favourite colour is green so I gathered a variety of green yarn to crochet a blanket for him like I did for his big brother in blues using a different pattern. It wasn't easy to decide how to arrange the different greens so after putting a couple aside I eventually  just started crocheting hoping it would come together. My daughter saw what I had done and was of the opinion that the colours would look okay once the blanket grew. I agreed and kept going. 

Like quilts, it is amazing how different the same designs look using different colours. This is the same pattern as my Springfrost bkanket.

The past couple of weeks I have read these 2 books. " An Unorthodox Life" is a 2 season doco series on Netflix and " Brazen" is Julia's bio. 

Time for me to get back to my UFOs as I tend to put crochet first. I am seriously addicted. 

Saturday 4 March 2023



Ta da! My Springfrost blanket is finished. There are 7 border rows and I love the final white one.

The top photo depicts the true colours. I couldn't straighten the blanket out for the floor pic but you get the idea.

My 3 year old grandson wants a green crocheted blanket. I made a blue one for his older brother when he was about 2 and a half years old. The extra green yarns I ordered from the UK arrived a couple of days ago but I forgot to order an off white one to add amongst the greens.

One is more blue than I thought so I shall put it in my stash. Now I have the tiresome task of working out what sequence the greens should be in. I have a whitish ball of yarn to add but it may be a bit stark.

Maybe I will put the yarn aside for a while and finish the last needle turn block for my UFO quilt.

I couldn't do much yesterday due to a migraine and it has been a bad week with my FMS, sleeplessness and industrial type noise all around us with constant building still going on. Today is a bit quieter apart from some hammering  so I am resting up while I can. 

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.


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