Sunday 31 May 2020


It is officially winter tomorrow but I think it arrived a couple of weeks early. I have heard that even Qld has had a few nippy nights. The upside of cold days and nights is that I love crocheting especially when a blanket grows to the point where it is big enough to cover my lap. I only have another 4 or 5 rows left to do on munchkin's blanket and then I shall do the crocheted borders.

Inner and outer borders for my little quilt have been cut now that I have completed the main part. I have placed the borders so you get the idea. I struggled to find big enough pieces of Civil War fabric in my stash for the wider border so I ended up with the pink. Despite not being a pink girl I rather like it.

The Christmas wall hanging has been machine quilted at a minimum and I have cut fabric for the sleeve which is the same fabric on the back. I haven't selected binding fabric yet. Whew! Did I have a tough time trying to attach the walking foot to my machine! I think hand quilting may have been quicker.

I finished another book .

Seeing as we are going to remain in lockdown for the duration of winter despite our Premier  rolling back a bit tomorrow I ordered a couple of books online. I get nervous when my " to read" shelf starts to dwindle. 

Stay warm and safe.

 Angel Blessings.

Saturday 23 May 2020

YEY yarn arrived! It was on my doorstep yesterday morning so I hope to get back to crocheting the blanket tonight. 

Yesterday afternoon I cut all the sashings for the Christmas wallhanging and I pieced the 6 blocks together today. Silly me mentioned there are meant to be 8 blocks but then I realised there are 9. I found some suitable Christmas fabric in my stash for the backing but it is only a smidgeon wider than the pieced front so I hope the quilting doesn't pull it in too much. At least I have plenty on the top and bottom. Anyhoo, it is sandwiched ready to machine quilt....just straight lines as I am not adept at quilting on my machine. 


I plan to quilt it tomorrow , cut the binding and a sleeve ready to finish.

Angel Blessings.

Wednesday 20 May 2020


A while ago I decided that I was going to complete every project I started without putting it aside and becomming a UFO. My 3 year old munchkin's crocheted blanket was coming along nicely until I ran out of some of the yarn. Despite ordering some more yarn from an Australian site instead of the UK I am still waiting.  

While waiting to continue crocheting I picked up a Christmas UFO which has 8 stitchery blocks and I had done 4 of them. I traced 2 more and have just finished stitching them.

However, I have nearly run out of the thread which means I cannot stitch the 8 blocks. I would usually go to my local patchwork/ wool shop to buy more but, as we know, these are not normal times. So, I am going to make the wallhanging with 6 blocks instead of 8. Problem solved! 

I hope you are all keeping safe and well.
Angel Blessings.

Tuesday 12 May 2020


I have been making some very slow progress stitching lately mainly because I have so many UFOs that I don't know where to start. While still waiting for the balls of yarn to arrive so I can complete my munchkin's crocheted blanket I decided to trace 2 more stitchery blocks of a Christmas wall hanging. I had only stitched 4 of the 8 blocks as I was running out of the particular thread I was using but I realised I had almost a whole one left so I traced 2 more blocks yesterday and started stitching a cute elf last night.

My little quilt is coming together nicely. The 4 top rows have been stitched together as have the bottom 3. So, I just need to stitch them both together then I shall audition my civil war fabrics for the borders. 

I enjoyed reading another book. 

Thankyou for visiting. Keep healthy and keep smiling .  

Angel Blessings.

Sunday 3 May 2020


Brrrr, it looks like an early winter has arrived. All the more reason to stay in lockdown here in Victoria. It is so nice to see my munchkin's blanket grow as it provides warmth on my lap as I crochet. 
I had an 'oops' moment recently when I realised that I would not have enough yarn to complete the blanket. Now is not the time to reorder from the UK so I was fortunate to locate an Aussie website that had my particular yarn in all the colours I needed. Whew! It has apparently been despatched already so I am hoping the parcel won't take too long to arrive.

Now, did you know that a pillow slip cuff is not always a cuff? Silly question? Nope! While searching for instructions to make my munchkin's pillow slips I found several U.S  you tube tutorials and decided to try the ' buritto' method which entails rolling up the cut fabrics, sewing, then pulling the inside out.  Wooohoo! It came out beautifully. However, there is a ' but' . Now, the pattern said it was a pillowslip with a cuff, as do a lot of other U.S patterns but they all have the same issue...their idea of a cuff is simply the different fabric and/ or strip on the top part of the pillowslip. There is actually no cuff as I would assume a cuff to mean. I thought a cuff is the part inside that you tuck the pillow into to keep it from slipping out.  It appears that UK patterns do have cuffs as we do. So, the 1st pillowslip I made has no " cuff" lol.

You may note that I cut the fabric with the pattern sideways so when I find a better pattern with the elusive cuff I shall cut the fabric the other way. ( If I have enough).

I have made further progress with my little quilt.

I have so many projects to finish but I am determined to finish the blanket and little quilt first.

I hope you are all keeping safe and well.

Angel Blessings.


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