Thursday 25 May 2023



Oh my! What an ordeal it has been to rectify my email issues! I simply couldn't deal with it for a few days as it was too much for my exhausted brain to deal with. I was a bit like an ostrich. After a while I realised how isolated I was without my email access,  which is absolutely ridiculous. However, my only social interaction, apart from family , is " talking " with bloggers.  I cleaned out my inbox, outbox and every other box but I still didn't have enough storage. Eventually I worked out that it was probably all my gallery pics, then I found a heap of videos I had of my eldest grandson when he was younger. After much ado and many hours, alternating between the main computer and my laptop, hubby and I cleaned out the videos after putting them on a memory stick and voila! There was no way that Microsoft was contactable with an actual human to talk to. There was a 1300 number but that was just a highly caffeinated robot speaking a million words a minute which I barely understood and had to listen to 3 times before I realised they were saying to go to a website! No option to speak with anyone! Grrrrr. My BP was sky high that day.

So, after all that hoohah , I got motivated to finish my grandson's Crocheted blankie. Ta dah! Finished last night.

I haven't felt like reading much the last few weeks but I did finish this book and have started another. My reading mojo has now returned.

I am sorry if I missed any emails during my hiccup and hope to restore my version of social interaction now. Thanks for visiting.

Saturday 13 May 2023


 I haven't posted for about 5 weeks as my mum had a fall playing table tennis and broke her hip. After 2 weeks in hospital followed by a week in rehab then a transfer back to hospital with an infection , she came home on Monday. Juggling almost daily hospital visits taking dad to see mum , ensuring he had everything he needed at home alone, and hubby who was unwell the first week or two, I had no time or energy to crochet or sew anything. 

Now I am catching up with all my overdue appointments before needing to take mum to her post operative checkups and dad to any medical appointments.  I have not been sleeping much, an ongoing issue which has worsened, and my BP is currently being remanaged.  I had an iron infusion yesterday and have been experiencing a few FMS flare ups due to the stress.

2 days ago I realised I wasn't receiving emails . I can send them but not receive them. I have no idea how to fix the problem and can't access the emails I had received earlier. So, if you are trying to contact me via email I am not receiving it and apologise if any emails have been unacknowledged. 

Little progress has been made with my grandson's blanket but here is the latest pic.

I shall try to catch up with all your latest blog posts soon. Today is a day of housework catchup while hubby is out for the day. 


  The past week or so I have cleaned out 4 drawers, 3 cubicles and my drawers of colour coded scaps for applique. A basket full of patterns ...