Sunday 30 May 2021



Well, no surprise that we are in lockdown here again. I always said we needed to get through this coming winter before we could relax completely. I have been wearing a mask in supermarkets and shopping centres the whole time despite being told we no longer had to. Cautious, not paranoid. Now we see, despite the 5km rule, people coming down to their holiday homes again. Here we go.......

Anyway, despite all this I have enjoyed taking a break from stitching and doing some crochet instead. Now I have picked up the Simple Days stitcheries again and completed the last one of block 3.

And one of block 4. This is my favourite one. As with a few stitcheries, I sometimes use different stitches than instructed, omit some things and also do some creative stitching instead of applique. It all depends on my mood .

You know the crocheted cushion cover I was making? After posting it here I realised I had made a mistake so I unpulled it all and started again. Now one side is complete and the other is coming along quickly. I found another ball of the neutral coloured yarn in my stash so there is no longer the need to reverse the colours on the back.

I am enjoying  a more peaceful neighbourhood during lockdown and suspect it will soon be extended longer than 7 days. Looks like I may finish the cushion cover but be unable to shop for the cushion insert. I have another crochet project in mind , something new for me to try.  I just hope I can find enough cotton yarn of various colours in my stash.

Keep warm ( or cool) and keep safe.

Sunday 23 May 2021



With the cooler weather , tiredness and lack of ability to focus on much lately I have not been stitching but I have enjoyed some relaxing crochet. Once I get going I find the rythmic motion of crocheting quite relaxing.  After crocheting a couple of ear warmers I used up the remainder of yarn to crochet a matching scarf. I prefer narrower scarves so I had just enough yarn.

I found a cushion cover pattern on the internet from Joy of Motion Crochet which is free or available to buy as a PDF . I opted to buy it instead of having to read it online. Once again, I had to convert the pattern to UK terms . Since buying my crochet bible I have found conversion easy. I started crocheting it last night with yarns I had in my stash. 


I plan to make the back reversing the colours ( mainly because I am low on the neutral colour ). However, I am not sure how one washes a complete cushion when it is made without being able to remove the cover. I may need to experiment to make it removable for washing.

                                Thanks for visiting.

Saturday 15 May 2021



I am sorry for not catching up with your blogs. My usual routine was to blog once a week and read all your blogs then. However, I haven't been blogging as much recently due to lack of productivity , fatigue and helping out with my grandsons. I have been playing with more mosaic crochet and this one is called Mosaic Lanterns. A bigger sample this time. The left edge is a bit wonky but I know how to avoid it next time.

I bought some yarn to make another ear warmer but the yarn is much thinner than the 8ply it is supposed to be so I am going to crochet another one using another purple yarn with it.


I have finished another Fiona McIntosh book. This one is about my favourite drink lol. 

It was a stormy night last night and it has been quite chilly the past few days. I am still waiting for summer! I think we skipped it this year.

I hope you are all keeping warm or cool depending on where you live.

Thanks for visiting.


Sunday 2 May 2021


 Lazy days and busy days have intermingled these past couple of weeks, thus the delay with a new post. My grandsons have been ill and they have recently moved into a new home so I have been willingly helping my daughter while she and her hubby have been unpacking and still moving boxes. 

I have had the urge to crochet and thought I would start a new C.A.L from the UK but upon finalising the yarn order I realised the postage was going to cost more than my order! Pre Covid the postage was quite reasonable but the company has had to change postage so people receive their order in reasonable time. Well, no order from me. So instead of starting anothet blanket I decided to play with mosaic crochet. 

Then I decided to try making an ear warmer. Now I need to find some purple yarn.

Today I traced the 3 stitcheries of Simple Days, block 4. I still need to add the applique pieces before I start stitching.

I finished my youngest daughter's book. True crime this time. Whenever she comes down to visit we swap books on cults and crime.

                       Take care and enjoy some stitching.


  The past week or so I have cleaned out 4 drawers, 3 cubicles and my drawers of colour coded scaps for applique. A basket full of patterns ...