Sunday 5 November 2023



........ a new word? It is what came to mind when I opened my yarn pack from the U.K .  Fifty eight little 10g balls of cotton/ acrylic yarn ready to pick and choose from for a new crochet project . 


Once again, it was cheaper to purchase the yarn with the postage from the U.K . I am not talking about saving just a couple of dollars, I saved heaps! Maybe the online shops here purchase it from overseas and by the time they add their mark up it is waaaaaay over priced. 

I have been cleaning up my youngest daughter's things she left here when she moved out nearly 20 years ago and she told me to toss all her books out. I shall be taking them to the OpShop but I couldn't part with one book that I just had to read. I re read Anne of Green Gables not long ago but had never read Anne of Avonlea. It is rather humourous in a gentle old fashioned way.

I had no idea several books were written in the series and would love to read them although I don't think my daughters owned any others. 

Now.....where is my crochet hook ? 


  1. That is a fantastic box of yarn! Looks like a good book.

  2. Wow Ondrea, that is a stunning box! So looking forward to seeing what you use them for. xx

  3. Yummylisious is definitely the right word to describe that package. Looking forward to seeing what you make with it.

  4. Fabulous bundle there... looking forward to seeing what you make... cheaper and nicer quality too I think (well I have only had the acrylic and it was softer)

  5. What a beautiful box of yarn! I don't think I would want to open it! It looks so beautiful as it is! Enjoy! Hugs Christine xx

  6. I agree yummylicious indeed! Anne of Green Gables was a favourite with me and also my daughter. I have a very old copy that was mine.



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